Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday hodgepodge

1. In your opinion what's the most important job in the world? Oh, and parenting is a given so besides parenting, what's the most important job in the world?

Teaching----Not only do I teach the standards (academics), but I am also a parent to students who have no one, a nurse when one isn't feeling very well, a police officer-one has to obey the laws/rules, a preacher because I do talk about values, and I am sure I can think of more....  No wonder some days I am extremely exhausted!!  I teach middle school so my hat goes off to the elementary teachers out there for I am sure they encounter more than I do.

2. Share a favorite or not so favorite memory from a childhood birthday.

My sixth birthday party.  I remember having a huge party with 30+ kids and playing so many games.  I don't remember the presents I received just playing games.

3. Peanut butter-crunchy or smooth?


4. William Butler Yeats is credited as saying, "Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that but simply growth, We are happy when we are growing." Your thoughts
A person should be content with their life, but not bored.  I

5. What's something that makes you cringe?

Seeing drivers text while driving!!!!

6. Name a song that always puts you in a good mood?

A song.... Kook & The Gang----Celebration

7. The answer is yes. What's the question?

Am I hot?   Yes, definitely--my classroom was 91 on Friday and 88 Tuesday--Shew!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Had a great Labor Day.  I wish I could rewind summer,


  1. I said teacher as well for #1! This weekend I kept thinking "how did summer go by so fast?!" At least the heat is almost over - bring on the fall weather :) Happy Wednesday!

  2. Oh that's a great feel good song! Makes me want to get up and dance : )

  3. Excellent choice for #6. Brings back some happy memories, too!

  4. Great song choice! Always makes me want to move my feet :)

    91 degrees in class? I'll bet you were glad to hear the final bell ring...

  5. The ac in your room must be broken...I can't believe how long it takes for them to put in the work order and then for someone to get there to fix those things. That song is a happy one for me too!

  6. Teachers is a great answer. Great church sign...LOL!

  7. I too hate seeing people texting while driving, especially on the interstate, so dangerous!
    The only part of summer I would want to rewind would be our vacation. I spent 11 days in Disney World with my kids and my sister and her family, eight of us in all. It was so much fun.

  8. Oh dear....that's too hot to be indoors, teaching. Must go find some shade!!!


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