Weekend Rewind

Spring is in the air.....
We have been blessed with great weather this weekend.

Hub and I went out to dinner Friday evening.  It has been awhile since we were able to do this.  Yes, we have grabbed a sandwich here and there, but for us to go and sit down and enjoy a meal-been awhile.  Truly enjoyed the evening until...the bill came. hub had ordered a $30 steak-that was just for the steak not including his sides and beverages!  Gosh-what were you thinking was my question to him.  His reply, "I wanted it and I ordered it."  Guess it will be another while before we are able to go out to dinner. hehe

Daughter#2 called Friday evening, in a panic. She needed all of her medical records by Monday because she will be starting a rotation round (first one) in the hospital. Looks like to me the school already has this...but no the school needed another proof.  No problem I tell her; we can bring the records to her tomorrow.  Still panicing (I hope this is a word) she asks, "Mom do you know where they are?"  Of course, don't all moms know where the important papers are kept!  Still talking to her, my mind began racing-now I think I put them in a certain place.  Yep, I had!!

The drive to Roanoke was gorgeous.  When we arrived the temps were in the 60s but so much snow was still piled up.

I think Sadie, the dog, missed someone and vice versa....

What's a trip going to seeing daughter, without going to buy groceries?  That was part of daughter's plan. (ahem) After grocery shopping, how one eats so much I will never know..daughter says she is hungry and could we take her out to eat?  Out to eat-huh?  hub please explain why we are going to grab something. Daughter is in the dark on this one...so when hub explains, daughter says well I am worth a $30 steak, aren't I?  We didn't eat steak, but instead decided on eating at the Cookout.  Shortly afterwards, goodbyes and hugs were said and we were on our way home.  On the drive home, hub and I kept remembering how different our life is now and how proud we are of both of our daughters.  Time does go by so fast...doesn't it?

Sunday was another beautiful day.  I had so much school work to do, but couldn't bring myself to come inside to do it.  Now, I am trying to get some papers finished, but...heck too tired from enjoying this weather.  My attitude now is, the papers can wait...the weather can't!


  1. Sometimes, a $30 steak dinner is more than worth the price! :) Glad you had a nice trip to see your daughter...our weather here has been pretty springlike, too. No complaints from me!


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