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Crazy Weather, to say the least.


Last week was busy traveling. Not you everyday traveling fun....mainly to doctor appointments.

Monday oldest daughter had her cardiologist check up at University of Virginia in Charlottesville.  She had open heart surgery in October and this was her 'big' check-up.  She was previously scheduled in January but weather caused cancellations.  We ( made hub/dad stay home) left at 6 that morning to travel up the road.  For 29 years we have been traveling to UVA and left crying.....NOT THIS TIME!!!  Dr. Battle, her cardiologist, was well pleased.....she has two restrictions...First- she can never have children, which we already knew because daughter had chosen a mechanical valve and Second-she can never go skydiving!  Well, we both cried...but this time it was tears of joy.  Her next appointment is next year!!!  We were both crying when I tried to  let hub know the good news. Afterwards, when I finally told hub through all the sobs, we decided to go shopping!!!
Going from this....