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Graduation Weekend

Graduation Weekend

Youngest daughter graduated this weekend...a two day celebration!

Hub and I left early Friday morning; we never arrive a matter of fact we are usually a good hour to 30 minutes ahead of schedule.  A good thing we left early because we liked to have never found a parking place.

The conference room was set up beautifully.  Daughter and her hub had not arrived hub and I found the perfect table and met some interesting parents who had also arrived early.

Daughter and hub arrived, but we had to change tables-a different story.
The ceremony began.  According to the department chair this was the first time that 26 students had started in the DPT program and 26 students finished!  This says a lot about the program and the students' dedication.

The students received their white coat and pin.  The department chair put the white coat on and daughter's husband pinned the pin.  I video this section.

Daughter is the one standing behind the girl with th…