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My First Christmas

My First Christmas.... It was tough

This was my first holiday without my beloved husband, Charlie.  Actually, Thanksgiving was the first. But hub passed away the day before  Thanksgiving was skipped this year at my house.  In my book, Christmas was the 'first' holiday without my husband and a tough one it was.  The emotions got the best of me.  It felt like I was going through the emotions of celebrating.
The tree was decorated. The stockings were hung.
I had dinner with a few friends...I thank God for friends during this season of life I am going through.
I participated in the ugly sweater contest at church. #2 daughter decided to dress us as 'baby shark' in sweatshirts..
In baby shark because of this little guy loves baby shark... I love his hair...his trademark.  No matter what we try to do, his hair has a mind of its own!!
Hub loved cooking a huge Christmas breakfast.  Both daughters asked if I would still cook breakfast, which is a huge undertak…

Some happenings

Some happenings from my week....

All week the meteorologist was predicted a winter storm.  Now, nine times out of town when the meteorologist predicts snow...they miss it.  Well, this time...they were exactly right.  The snow started in the wee hours of Sunday morning and it has just now stopped...only to begin again they say.  I haven't measured the amount but from looking at Facebook (the news) people have posted 14 inches.  That is a lot of snow.

I was out shoveling my driveway and a nice young man came by and finished the driveway on his tractor. I didn't catch his name...but I thank him from the bottom of my heart. I am also thankful that my electricity has stayed on.  Unfortunately, some people in my area are without electricity, and I truly hope they will not be in the dark too long.
I did prepare for the storm...

Yesterday, I went to watch my local high school football team, Chilhowie Warriors, play in the State Football Game.  Hub and I went …

My Love

Charlie, My Love

Husband fought hard...he was truly a fighter.  He was first diagnosed with cancer in 2010 (colon cancer).  Husband, Charlie, completed the chemo treatments and went regularly for his scheduled appointments.  In 2017, Cancer, the ugly beast it is, returned.  Surgery at Duke, more chemo treatments, chemo quit working, went to Cancer Treatments of America and was advised to stay at Duke, started new chemo treatment only to find out this chemo wasn't working, had embolization radiation only this did not work, so began a third chemo treatment, "The Hail Mary" as his oncologist referred to this as.  Charlie took 8 pills of this chemo and then we had to go to the hospital.  We were at the hospital for 3 nights and he came home with Hospice Care.  Charlie passed away the day before Thanksgiving.  My aunt and I were both holding his hands as he  took his last breath. He fought for so hard to live.
Charlie and I were married for 37 years; not all glorious years a…

Six Months

What does six months mean to you?
Six months until I graduate....oh how happy to finally be through with all this schooling and ready to take on the world.
Six months until I marry the man of my true love...the person I will share the rest of my life with.
Six months until the birth of my baby...I can't wait to hold that bundle of joy.
Six months until vacation...I have worked so hard and can't wait for some rest and relaxation time.
Maybe Six months until I celebrate my birthday...
Six months until Christmas
Six months of free trial on an app
Six months until you die....What???  This was the news hub received Tuesday from his doctor at Duke.  Husband has been battling cancer.  He was first diagnosed with colon cancer in 2010.  He took the chemotherapy for 7 months...became allergic on the 11th cycle, but hey, his oncologist said that research has said that 6 cycles were sufficient and he had 11 cycles!  He went for all his check-ups as scheduled and …

National Book Month


Daughter's Wedding

 It happened.... #1 Daughter got married Saturday....
The wedding rehearsal dinner was held on Thursday evening.  The groom had a few men  who were high school football coaches...and we all know that on Friday it is  football that was okay to have the rehearsal on Thursday.  I liked it... so Friday was spent decorating the church and the reception hall.
These two little guys were ushers.
Nate loves his little cousin.
Saturday was a gorgeous summer (even though the calendar said October) day.  Daughter has had three open heart surgeries and her last open heart surgery was last year...October 12, 2017 to be exact (a mother never forgets).  Her two pediatric cardiologist, her surgeon's assistant, and her echo cardiologist drove down frpm Charlottesville.  Daughter was thrilled and some tears were shed remembering all she had been through...and how far she has come.
Two of my closest friends who are also college roommates and sorority sisters came from Atlanta. Had to have a …