Wednesday Medley

1.  I think St. Valentine's Day is for everyone, whether you have a romantic love interest or not.  I received a Valentine card from my sister (thank you Patti!) - case in point.  It is all about LOVE, not just romantic love.  What are your traditions for celebrating Valentine's Day?

Before hub passed away (November 2018), we would go out and eat...nothing fancy.  I always told him no gifts because every day was Valentine's Day with us. 2.  When you were in elementary school, did you decorate a shoe box and deliver those little valentines to all your classmates?   Perhaps in Sunday School?3.  Do you enjoy playing Cupid?  Have you ever introduced a couple who really clicked?

I made the little shoe boxes in elementary school and it was so fun putting the valentines in them.  When I first began teaching, (1982) we began decorating paper bags and having the students put valentines in them.  Now, I don't think teachers do this...too much curriculum to teach.
I can recall te…

No words....

It is with a heavy heart, I write this today.
There are simply no words to express my sympathy for this precious family.

Last Monday a fellow student, friend, state trooper, a member of the Tactile Team, a 28 year old hero was killed in the line of duty.  My heart aches for his family he left behind. 

Thousands attended his services and many people lined the streets of my small town to show their respect.

I pray for God to comfort his family in the days, months, and years ahead.


Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Waiting for a Star to Fall (1988)

1) "Waiting for a Star to Fall" was literally inspired by a falling star. The singing/songwriting duo of Boy Meets Girl was at a big, outdoor concert and could have sworn they saw a falling star in the night sky. Have you ever seen a falling star? 

Yes, many years ago at a Drive -In.

2) They offered this song to Whitney Houston, who declined to record it. Whitney did have hits with two other songs they wrote: "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" and "How Will I Know?" What's your favorite Whitney song?

"One Moment In Time"
3) Boy Meets Girl were George and Shannon, a husband-and-wife team originally from Seattle, WA. In 2016, Seattle was named America's most "bike-friendly city." Do you own a bike?

No, I don't own a bike.
4) George and Shannon met for the first time at a wedding. She was a guest, he was in the band. Think of the last wedding present you bought. Was it from the bride and groom…

Wednesday Medley

1.  Today, Wednesday, February 6th, is Frozen Yogurt Day!  A cold dessert on what must be a very cold day for most of you reading this today!  Do you enjoy frozen yogurt?  Does it matter what the weather is?  Share with us your favorite flavor and/or topping, please!!
We are experiencing nice,warm weather in my neck of the woods!!  I am not complaining but it seems a little unusual to have temps in the high 60s and low 70s in February...hoping not to have winter in March! To get back to the questions on yogurt... I enjoy frozen yogurt and I really don't care what the weather is,however; I prefer yogurt more when the weather is colder than warmer. I prefer peach yogurt topped with a few candies (butterscotch mostly) and walnuts. 2.  What food do you know you shouldn't eat but can't help yourself?

Wednesday Medley

1.  Well, I do love croissants when they are fresh, but day-old croissants need to be turned into a donut.  I happen to really like the croissants that have a donut-like glaze on them!  Sugar overload but so good.  So... do you like croissants?  What is your favorite way to eat them?