A Mother....Wednesday Medley

Thank you for hosting!  Happy Mother's Day to you!

1. Where did your mom grow up? 

My mother grew up in Clinchburg, Virginia....a very, small town. But, I am sure back in the day it was a booming little place.

2. Tell us about her siblings, if she has/had any. Did you have a favorite aunt or uncle?

My mother had seven siblings....six brothers and 1 sister.  My mother is not the oldest but it is the only one living in the family.

3. What is ONE of your favorite memories you can share with us of your mom?

I can't think of any.

4. Please share a picture or two of your mom with us.

I am sure I have one, but don't remember where it is.

5. Let's not leave out the grandmothers. Share what you will.

I had the best grandmothers.  My paternal grandmother was the most loving and Christian person I had ever known.  She helped me buy my wedding gown and whenever I had a problem she would say, "Have you prayed about it?"  That was her response always.

My maternal grandmother w…

Saturday 9

I forgot to post yesterday!!!!

Saturday 9: Every Time You Go Away (1985)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about separation. Who is the last person you said goodbye (or maybe just "so long") to?

My grandson and daughter...just goodbye because will see them Sunday in church.

2) This week's featured artist, Paul Young, was a gifted athlete during his school days and briefly played professional football (aka soccer). Sam enjoys playing tennis, though her serve doesn't give Serena Williams anything to worry about. What's something you enjoy doing, even if you don't excel?

I enjoy going to my Zumba class.
3) Mr. Young and his wife Stacy were married for 31 years, until her death in 2018. What do you think is the key to a happy marriage?

My late hub passed away this past November.  We were married 37 years.  I think the key to a happy marriage is not necessary 50/50.  There were many days I needed more than 50 and hub was there for me and…

Cooking ...with Wednesday Medley

1.  Typically served as an hors d'oeuvre, have you ever made or had a Pig-in-a-Blanket?  Do you like Pigs-in-a-Blanket? Yes, I like Pigs-in-a-Blanket 2.  Pigs-in-a-blanket are also known as devils on horseback, kilted sausages, and wiener winks. (Seriously.)  Please make up another name for this fun little appetizer! Red Hot Poker!!  A hot dog is red and I have heard people call a pig a poker!
3.  In the UK, pigs-in-blankets are small sausages, or chipolatas wrapped up in bacon.  Which country's version is most appealing to your taste buds? I don't think I would like the UK version of pigs-in-a-blanket. 4.  The first written record of pigs-in-a-blanket occurs inBetty Crocker's Cooking for Kids in 1957.  In this digital world, do you still have a favorite cookbook you use most of the time?  Is there a recipe you can share with us from that cookbook? I usually pull out my cookbooks as we approach the Christmas season. My favorite is Boiled is the recipe....8 e…

Easter 2019

I enjoy surprises and I still get my daughters something for Easter along with a bucket full of goodies. 

The weather Friday and Saturday was awful...rainy, windy, and cold BUT Easter was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and just a little cool.  At first, we had decided to grill out but changed our plans due to the weather on Friday and Saturday.  I told the girls I would fix Easter dinner.  I know they were skeptical...I am not known as the cook in my family BUT I have met the nicest man....Bob Evans

Wednesday Medley

1.  Haiku poetry is actually pretty easy to write.  Give it a try right here...

Little League, mowing, and the Easter Bunny

I took grandson to the library this past Monday...his first visit.  He loved it!!  They have story hour on Tuesday and I had planned on taking him back for this BUT he fell asleep around 10 and slept for an I might try this week. And would you believe Tuesday was the only day he had a morning nap???

This past week, the weather has been fabulous!!  The temps have been in  the high 70s and so nice.  I have been taking grandson for a walk daily.
 His hair!!!

Yesterday was opening day for Little League.  The day was being dedicated to my late hub.  I had been asked earlier to throw out the first pitch to begin the season.  I just couldn't do it...not by myself anyway.  I asked another fine man, Dr. Daryl if he would throw out the first pitch and he was honored.  This young hub coached him in pony league and then in high school baseball.  When hub had to be put to sleep for many colonoscopies and for his port (the second time), Daryl would come in on his day off …

Sibling Day....Wednesday Medley

Thank you for hosting.

.  Stealing the questions from above:  How many siblings do you have? Are you rivals or do you support each other in all you do?
I have one younger brother.  Our lifestyles and beliefs are totally opposites.
2.  Have you heard of the Birth Order Book?  What are your thoughts on the premise that your birth order affects everything you do in life?
I had not heard of the Birth Order Book.   I truly do not believe your birth order affects all you do in life.  I do believe, we all have a choice and our choices do come with consequences.  I think one of the things that bother me is people saying...oh he/she is the middle child and that is why he/she acts that way...or he/she is the baby of the family and that is why he/she act this way...I think we make excuses for one's behavior way too much.
3.  Is there something that you still do that drives your siblings crazy?
No 4.  Are you closer to your siblings now than you were when you were younger?
My brother and I were defi…