Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. January is National Mentoring Month. Have you ever had a mentor? Been a mentor? How would you rate the experience?

Since I was a teacher, I had a mentor and I have been a mentor to new teachers.  My experience with my mentor teacher was fabulous....I learned so much from her.
My experience being a mentor was challenging because I wanted everything to be perfect...and I wanted the new teachers to learn what I value in education....which is every child is different and although standard test are important the value of learning about each child is just as important.

2. What current trend makes no sense to you?

After watching/listening to the halftime show on Monday that was provided for the halftime show was terrible.  The music made no sense to I watched the weather channel during the  half time performance.

3. I saw a cartoon on facebook highlighting a few 'weird' things that make you happy as an adult. The list included-writing with a nice pen, having p…

My word for 2018

I have chosen a word for 2018....and I have never chosen a word for a year before...but for some odd reason I have told hub just now that I wanted to chose a word for the 2018 year... My word for 2018 is BELIEVE
I am going to BELIEVE that things, circumstances, etc. happen for a better reason. I am going to BELIEVE....release fear and have more faith. I am going to BELIEVE in the good....and not focus on the negatives. I am going to BELIEVE it will happen at the right time...God's timing...not mine. I am going to BELIEVE good things are going to happen.

I BELIEVE God wants us to be happy and Enjoy Life!

Christmas Blessings

I know it is the day after Christmas.... and  blessings need to be told and youngest daughter's birthday is today and I haven't written a post in ages and I am going to be a grandmother and oldest daughter got engaged and people are probably tired of reading about Christmas
Let me start by saying, I have really missed blogging and reading all the blogs but my journey this year has been a rough one.

February of 2017, Hub was diagnosed with cancer for the second time.  He had been cancer free for SEVEN years and the darn thing came back.  So many trips to doctor's office and test were a big part of my 2017 beginning. 

March 15th of 2017, my oldest daughter was told she needed to have a third open-heart surgery. Her first two open heart surgeries were when she was 11 months old and 16 months old.

From March to May my time was spent at Duke University with husband.  He was having surgery because the tumor on the outside of his stomach was blocking his bowel and more tumors were found in t…

Exciting News

I have some EXCITING NEWS!

Charlie and I are going to be grandparents!  Our youngest daughter and her husband are expecting in January.  January 8th is the DATE!

I have known for a few weeks. So today,after I went with her to her doctor appointment, she gave me the okay to share. She has the final say, now.

Sitting in the doctor's office, my mind began going back in time.  So many memories came back.  It doesn't seem that long ago even if it has been 27 years that I was sitting waiting on the doctor to check me.  Listening to the talk of all the expecting mothers, made me giggle....especially the first time mothers.

Other good news....Hub went for his chemo treatment at Duke....desensitizing his body to give him the chemo he was allergic to 7 yrs ago.  Hub so far has done allergic reaction!  Praise God!  He is in control.

Life has thrown us a few curve balls this year...but we are still in the ballpark.

Cancer Sucks

It has been a long time since I last blogged.  Sering a loved one with Cancer truly sucks!

I will back up a bit. Hub had his first round of chemo March 21-23.  In hospital March 30-April2.  Began feeling better. Had an appointment at Duke Cancer Center April 19th to discuss a chemo treatment that his body could tolerate this second time with this nasty disease. It was agreed on to keep the same chemo treatment but reduce the amount by 50%.

Second treatment was scheduled for April 25-27th. He was taking his treatment that Tuesday, April 25th and began to get extremely nauseous then the sickness started. Chemo was shut off and an hour of saline was given but still extremely sick. We were sent to the ER and by this time, hub was in tremendous pain.  Tests were run and that DAM (pardon my French) Cancer Tumor was blocking his bowel. I was told to go home pack my bags because Charlie was heading to Duke.

Both daughters were just as upset as me and thankfully friends drove me home and help…

Rough one

I am sitting here watching hub sleep and listening to his beautiful  sounds he makes while sleeping. I never thought I would think snoring was a beautiful sound BUT at this moment it is.

Hub had his first round of chemo a little over a week ago(March 21st to be exact). The following g Thursday we went to remove his chemo pump (after taking 3 different kinds of chemo he comes home with a mobile pump-pumping chemo into his body for 46 hrs) and he became like a dishrag. A wheel chair was needed to roll him to the infusion room, his blood pressure dropped, and he began to sweat a lot! Immediately taken to the ER to begin tests and given fluids. The tests came back showing no concerns and hub began feeling better.

Monday was his doctor's appointment with his oncologist. The oncologist was concerned with his weight loss but blood work looking good. Hub promised to eat better (yeah, right) and drink better. On Tuesday he felt awful, so I called his oncologist ( hub has his cell phone nu…

First Round

First Round

Hub's first round of chemo was Tuesday-Thursday.  On Tuesday he went for 6 hours of chemo and then he is hooked up to a mobile chemo pump that goes for 46 hrs. straight. Ya'll that is some harsh chemo.
I stayed with him on Tuesday, well I did sneak upstairs to a shoe sale going on.  Daughter #1 stands from 8-7 five days a week and then on Saturday.  Even though there is a mat, she still says her feet her.  The shoes were for nurses to wear and the nurses said daughter would really love a pair.  The nurses also assured me hub would be okay.  One nurse even walked with me to the shoe sale.  I bought daughter two pairs...a hit too for she fell in love with both styles I chose for her.
Hub was all smiles when I showed him the purchase....BUT not the price ha!

Hub finished the treatment, was hooked up to the pump, instructions were given (hygiene care, clothes washing, and he had to drink 3 quarts of liquid daily),and we headed home. Tuesday evening and night was prett…