Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Three things on your spring bucket list? If you don't have an actual list that's fine, pretend you do.

With hub's health issues, I don't have anything on my bucket list BUT if I did.....

Run in a color run....I was believe it or not, practicing running....well actually walking very fast because running was hurting my knees.  The last 5K I participated in, I placed second place
See the Northern Lights
Travel to Italy
2. Where do you find rest? What restores your soul? When was the last time you did whatever it was you answered here?

I find rest in my Bible Study and this restores me daily.
3. April is National Celery Month. Who knew? Do you like celery? What's your favorite dish made with celery? On a veggie and dip platter which would you reach for first-carrot sticks, celery sticks, cucumbers or cherry tomatoes? 


The weather has finally gotten warm ya'll. Well, we went from snow to temps in the high 70s to low 80s in one week.  The sunshine felt so good.

Friday, I took Blake, for a stroll.  I was actually sweating!!  He, of course, fell asleep so I was kinda glad to reach my vehicle and turn the AC on!!

Saturday, I opened up all the windows in the house. I did a little cleaning and worked outside trying to clean up the yard....picking up so many limbs.  Then I sat back and just enjoyed the weather.

Hub and I even enjoyed sitting outside later that evening :).

Sunday was a raining day.  I hated this because of the race--NASCAR in Bristol. So many fans at the race and the rain came.  As a matter of fact, we are under a flash flood warning.


Yep, is predicted for Monday!!

Have a Great Week....Enjoy Life

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. April is National Jazz Appreciation Month. Are you a fan? If so what's a favorite you'd recommend to someone new to jazz listening?

Not really a fan of jazz.

2. Mandolin, ukulele, harp, accordion or banjo...which would you be most interested in learning to play? Or do you already play one of the instruments listed?

My choice would be the harp.

3. Do you judge a book by it's cover? Elaborate. You may answer in either/both the literal or figurative sense of the word.

I am guilty of this.  I most definitely judge a book by it's cover.  Seeing a person dress in short dresses, short shorts, wearing jeans with holes at the top of their thighs, piercing covering their face, along with tattoos, baggy pants seeing their underwear.....I immediately predetermine the type of person he/she is.  This is a trait I most definitely need to work on....for example the last time husband had a CT scan at Duke the person doing his scan had tattoos, nose rings, eyebrow rings, and I thought &…
It has been awhile since I have been able to blog.  Some things that have been happening.....

Praise  My step son has been allowing us to see our oldest 'grandson'.  I haven't asked any questions as to why? but so glad to spend a few minutes with him.  He loves basketball and hub and I have taken him to an instruction camp.

Little league baseball has started, and he has been playing.  Not much a fan of the game, but his dad is coaching and he is kinda playing.

St. Patrick's Day was mainly stay at home kinda day.  We did have a visit from his cutie pie.
Daughter, hub, and Blake came by before hitting the town.

Hub's aunt turned 90 a couple of weeks ago.  We drove to Roanoke to for her surprise birthday party.
Love this picture. 

I have begun keeping my grandson, Blake.  He is a joy to have around!

Daughter #2 surely misses him at work.  I try to send her pics and messages of him throughout the day.  Being a mom, I know how hard it is returning to work. 
She loves to…


Crazy Weather, to say the least.