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Cancer Sucks

It has been a long time since I last blogged.  Sering a loved one with Cancer truly sucks!

I will back up a bit. Hub had his first round of chemo March 21-23.  In hospital March 30-April2.  Began feeling better. Had an appointment at Duke Cancer Center April 19th to discuss a chemo treatment that his body could tolerate this second time with this nasty disease. It was agreed on to keep the same chemo treatment but reduce the amount by 50%.

Second treatment was scheduled for April 25-27th. He was taking his treatment that Tuesday, April 25th and began to get extremely nauseous then the sickness started. Chemo was shut off and an hour of saline was given but still extremely sick. We were sent to the ER and by this time, hub was in tremendous pain.  Tests were run and that DAM (pardon my French) Cancer Tumor was blocking his bowel. I was told to go home pack my bags because Charlie was heading to Duke.

Both daughters were just as upset as me and thankfully friends drove me home and help…