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Time for Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Do you send Christmas cards? If so about how many will you send this year? How do you display the cards you receive? Or don't you? (gasp!)
Family members who live away receive Christmas cards through snail mail.  Close friends and relatives receive hand-delivered Christmas cards with some cookies or a little gift.  Church members-receive cards through our mail box at church.
I will send/deliver around 100 of them.
Oh--I love displaying cards-around mantle, sitting on counter, and around door facing as one enters living room.

2. When do kids become adults?

Accoring to our legal system, there is a definitive age of adulthood. Lawmakers have determined that people who are 18 or 21 should be able to take on adult privileges like gambling, voting, owning a gun, and marrying. But this does not necessarily imply that 18 or 21 year-olds are adults; nor does it even imply that lawmakers consider them so.

I think you stop being a child when you grow up emotionally and psychologically,w…

So Quiet

Too quiet around here.  Where are the giggles and laughter?
Both daughters have left to return to school.  Now it is too quiet, except for Charlie snoring--:) at least this is a sound.

Our house is too quiet after break and daughters leave.  If there is one thing I hate when daughters come home--is when daughters leave.  My girls bring joy and laughter to me.  If I must say so myself, I do have an extra bounce in my step when they are around.  We have reached a point in our lives when we are closer now.  It seems we are becoming more like friends---and I like this stage in my life. It was so nice to hear them call and say they were safely back at school. :) one less worry.

Tonight it  is rainy and windy-which make me more lonesome for them.  Looking to the bright side--daughter #2 plays basketball Thursday and Saturday---hey from Mom in the stands.  Daughter #1 gets a three week break from pharmacy school!!!  Yeah--plans are in the making.


Our Thanksgiving Holiday started with a road trip on Tuesday to Lynchburg to watch Emily play basketball.  My principal allowed me to leave school early. I jumped out of my vehicle into my husband's vehicle and we were off.  It was a three and one-half hour drive.  The drive to Lynchburg was horrid.  We were driving in a cloud, honestly-that was how foggy it was.  Thankfully, we made it. I headed straight to the restroom and then off to hunt me a cup of coffee.  After being at school all day and riding in the foggy weather, I needed a perk me up. Much to my dismay--no coffee.  They had closed for the holiday.  Oh yeah-that's right. I made it through the game-no coffee but hey when you're watching your daughter play ball-who needs a cup of coffee to get all psyched up? Game over and boy did Emily and her team take a dog beating.  The coach was allowing the girls to ride back home with their parents since it was a holiday.  So Charlie and I waited on Emily to shower and come out…

Songs, songs, and more songs.

Thanks Joyce!!!  Hop on over and join the fun.

1. What song reminds you of a specific time in your life and what is it about that song that makes you remember? I can't just think of one song that expresses my life so...Here is Three 1.  "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas----sometimes I just have a feeling that today is going to be great.  This song says-I gotta feeling that tonight is gonna be a good night.  I just change the words. 2.  "I've Had The Time of My Life"--Even though there have been periods of my life that has had tears and heartache, I can say I live life to the fullest with no regrets.  So to sum up my life---"I've Had the Time of My Life: 3.  "Colour My World" by Chicago---This song was played at my wedding.
2. What's something you've given up on? I have given up on television.  Here lately, I can't seem to find anything that is wo…

Coaching...Traits I have witnessed.

With the true scandal at Penn State, I feel an urge to vent. First, I was a cheerleading coach at a high school for 7 years.  As a coach of any sport, one does give a lot of time devoted to coaching, and one does become frustrated at players.  My daughters would ride the bus to many games with me, sit in the stands (and sometimes out in the very cold weather), and wait (sometimes over an hour) for parents to pick up their daughter after returning to school on the bus.  For me, I enjoyed coaching cheerleaders and didn't want  to quit.  My youngest daughter became involved in basketball and as a mom family came first.  So, I quit coaching to become a basketball mom.  Never a moment or regret.
Daughter #2, Emily, is a senior in college.  This is her fourth year playing college basketball, and her fourth coach!  Yeah-I said her fourth coach.  Her first coach was a woman.  Emily played well as a freshmen and, I was very proud.  The coach became pregnant and decided to fir…

So many blessings.....

Have you ever just stopped to wonder about all the blessings you have?  Usually, I complain about something or someone. But today....I vow to look on the bright side of life and count my blessings.

Family---  I have a wonderful family.  A loving husband-who puts up with me-which says a lot.

Two beautiful daughters.....

a precious step-grandson-who brings a smile to my face daily share a laugh or a cry

A house that I can call 'home.'

Attending church.....

Listening to my daughter sing...
Enjoying all the seasons....

Spending time with my mother
So many things I take for granted each and every day.   I am so thankful for all I have.

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Hop on over and join the fun!

1. Of all the tools and gadgets you own which do you most enjoy using?

Right now----it is my wine opener!

2. When (if ever) is impatience a virtue?

The word 'impatience' has been in my dictionary for life.  A bad characteristic I tend to have most often.  In  certain situations/circumstances (which is totally beyond my control) impatience is a virtue.   It is important to know when waiting is the best option (not for me, I usually try to make something happen) and when enough is enough. So...Impatience is a virtue when dealing with a problem and you want an answer right now......
3. What temperature do you keep your thermostat set to in winter? Do you have another way to heat your house besides a furnace of some type? Our heat pump is set to 69 until I have a hot flash and I turn it to around 50!!
4. Do/did you have a close relationship with any of your grandparents?
Yes, most definitely.  I was close to both sets of grandparents.  For many years, I would…

We've Only Just Begun......

After Halloween.....

We've Only Just Begun........ Basketball season has started for #2 daughter.  She is a senior this year (gosh, I can't believe) in college and I want to be able to attend all of her games.  I haven't been able to in the past, due to such long drives and school.  
So here we go..... Beautiful drive on the way to our first stop.....
Last week-400 miles to Berea College
This week we traveled to...... Union-300 miles
and to Sumter, South Carolina  --600 miles.

At least, we were able to spend the night.  I was hoping to get to the beach, but with basketball one only sees the gym. The weather was too chilly and windy-this is what I kept repeating to myself. :(   Positive note-the girls won both games! :)
Charlie and I did stop at
they have fabulous food and out of this world milkshakes.  Wish we had one in our small town.
Daughter #1 was doing a medicare clinic close to home.  She texted me in the gym announcing "I'm coming home."  Oh No!  we won't be…

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Who taught you how to cook?

No one in particular.  Growing up, I was the child who had to wash the dishes or go with my daddy (which I loved) feed the cattle.  I learned my cooking expertise from recipe books and friends.  I learned something new to fix this summer while seeing my sorority sisters---a big thanks to Susan Leonard--what patience she had with me!!!!

2. Have you been told you think too much? Are too much of a perfectionist? Are too sensitive? Were they right?
Yes, Definitely think too much--Undeniably I am OCD in way  too many facets in my life.  Sensitive--that depends on the type of day I am having.
Were they right?  Again this depends on the circumstance.

3. As a child did you have a favorite blanket or toy? Tell about it.
My favorite toll/doll was Mrs. Beasley.  She had blond hair, wore glasses, and a blue polka dot apron.  She was so adorable.  However, one time I became angry (imagine that) and I hit her head against a couch or something, and her head fell off.…