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Complaining--Give Me a Break!!!

Complain---Me??  Well here are my complaints:

1. I can't seem to leave comments.  Everytime I try to leave a comment I am sent back to my sign in page.  Come on--give me a break here!! Is anyone else having this problem????  If so how did you fix it??? 

2. Okay here goes-it is getting hot!!!  The weather has been in the high 80's and it is not even summer yet!! This warm weather doesn't help my hot flashes!!!!!!  Now I am not wishing for cooler weather by no means but---give me a break!!
Speaking of weather all we are having is severe thunderstorms or tornado warnings/watches!!! I can't remember having so much rain either---I think I am going to rust!!!!
3. I love having my daughters in but daughter #2 has taken over with all her college "stuff" and I repeat "stuff."  I keep saying this is not your college room, but I have learned to shut my mouth and close my eyes---give me a break!!!
4. Everytime I try to get ahead...well, you know what happens?  Ten …

1. What is something about living in this country that you value? 'This country' is whatever country you call home.

Freedom-Even though prayer is no longer allowed in school, I can still bow my head and pray before I eat lunch without being killed.  Freedom to give my opinion on a subject without fear.  I think freedom is something we all take for granted and as citizens we don't realize the freedoms we have in America.

2. What is a favorite something you own that is red, white, and/or blue?

American Flag and a shirt I wear to school on holidays.

3. Do you fly a flag at your house on patriotic holidays?

The house we purchased has a flagpole memorial.  The lady built the memorial in honor of her brother who served in the Korean War.  It lights up at night.

4. What ingredients do you think should be included in a great picnic basket?

Chicken, drinks (you chose), cheese, crackers, and fruit.  A great sunny day with a …
Moving--Your're Kidding Right???

Why do college kids think they have to move every year.  Daughter #2 is moving AGAIN!!!!!  Her freshmen year in college she lived in a dorm.  Thankful for all the college football players that helped her move in her first year.  Her second year she lived in an apartment on campus-this was okay.  Last year she and her roommate rented a trailer.  So thankful for boyfriends who helped with the move.  Now her senior year she informed us she was moving to a condo-needed to be out by May 25th.  What????  Your're kidding right?????

You guessed it--right?  We went yesterday to begin the dreaded packing boxes.  Now, why all earth do they (daughter and roommate) have a George Forman Grill, 3 coffee pots, crock pot, toaster oven, hot chocolate maker, and a pot or whatever you call it for boiling water.  You would think they were setting up housekeeping!!! Not to mention whenever I would  talk to my daughter she was going or had went to Sonic, McDoanlad'…
Wednesday's Hodgepodge
1. What reveals more about a woman-her refrigerator or her purse?

To me, a purse reveals style.  When a purse matches a woman's outfit, I automatically think--Now that is style-and this lady is "put together."  I love purses and shoes---too many to count.  If one was to look inside my purse, it is hard to tell what one will find.....
A refrigerator tells more about a person.  Some examples would be- the type of food she likes, the type of drink she likes, is the person organized, or is the person completely OCD when it comes to organizing a refrigerator, is the person a vegetarian, etc....So by looking in a refrigerator I could tell more about a person.

2. When was the last time you went to the zoo? Where? What's your favorite zoo animal?
In 2009, my hub and I went to the zoo in Washington, D.C.  Daughter #2 was playing basketball in D.C. so we went to the zoo.  I enjoyed watching the gorilla care fo…

Yesterday I took my step-grandson to my cousins's (Dawson) birthday party.  Dawson's mother is my aunt's daughter.  My aunt is only one year older than me, so I have not really considered her an aunt, more like a sister.  Her daughter's name is Amy.  Amy mentioned to me she reads my blog but has not read anything I have written about her.  So....this is to you Amy.

Amy would babysit my daughters when they were younger.  She loved to play in the sandbox with them.  However, there was one time when she accidentally let daughter #2 fall off of a car.  Remember that, Amy? I only found this out recenty....hum wonder why?  Now that my daughters are older she still does little favors for them.......One time she decided to play match maker for daughter #1---that was a disaster!!!!  Whew---Daughter #1 was the drum major for her high school band and Amy was there cheering her on.  Her and hubs drove 3 hrs. to watch daughter #2 play basketball and she even made identica…
Quiet Moments

Not much going on right now.  Daughters are home from college...well Daughter #1 is doing a rotation at a mental institution and she really doesn't like it, but I told her it won't last forever. She has also been on a drug ward and this has scared her to some extent.

Took my step-grandson to a birthday party today.  Gosh I tthought I had a few years to rest before starting this phase of life again. Now thinking -about taking him-grandson to see Thomas the Train-What am I thinking?????

Still have 5 weeks left of school and our dreaded state testing starts next week.  Ugh!!!!  The paperwork keeps piling up and I keep looking at it.  It is now time for me to quit waiting on a magic wand and do it but I keep putting it off!!!!

Weather is killing me---It has been in the low 80's this week and next week will struggle to reach the 60's. No wonder we all have the sniffles and feel so blah.

I kinda of enjoy some quiet moments---step-grandson is asleep and now hear…

Yesterday was my niece's college graduation.  I am so proud of her.  Her mother walked out on her and my brother when she was in the 7th grade; a time when daughters really need their mothers.  She never gave up her dream of being a nurse!!!  She had a rough road and made it through.  Just because you grow up on the wrong side of the tracks doesn't mean you have to stay there. 

My husband was teary eyed.  I don't know if I have written about this or not but......My husband's son (Todd) was not married and had a child (son--Nathan).  Last year Nathan's mom lost custody of Nathan.  My husband and I really, really, really help Todd with Nathan and he is a joy to have around. I didn't realize my husband was crying, but he said he thought of how Nathan's mom never comes around to see him. Well, she hasn't seen Nathan since December.  Now Nathan is only 2 years old and I can't imagine what he thinks, but as for me there is no way I couldn't see …
Glad the week is over---well almost.  I had the SCA elections at school this morning.  The students did a fabulous job.  They were nervous and so sweet as they spoke to the student body as why the students should choose them.  After elections, our school hosted the Special Games Day!!  It you want to feel real courage and the feeling of victory then don't ever miss a special games day.  These people have so many obstacles, but are happy and loving people.  The joy of winning is es tactic!!!  Tears in my eyes just remembering this day. It was a cool day but sunshine peeked through their smiles.  After school went grocery shopping-Daughter #2 is home!!!!  Luckily not many people at the store so I was able to zoom through the aisles and back home. Tomorrow is my niece's graduation from college.  Where does the time go??  I can remember her being at my house for sleepovers and now graduating from college with a degree in nursing.  I am so proud of this young woman-…

1. Have you ever been served breakfast in bed? Do you enjoy that? If someone were serving you breakfast in bed this coming weekend what would you hope to see on the tray?
Only if you consider when I was in the hospital after giving birth to my daughters!!  Otherwise, NO!!!  Now I would like to be served breakfast in bed-hmm..isn't Mother's Day coming up?  If  someone was to serve me breakfast, I would ask for fresh fruit-all kinds- toast, bacon, coffee, and orange juice.  Now this isn't too much to ask for.

2. What is one piece of advice you would give a new mother?
When you get angry and you will at your children, count to ten or twenty whatever it takes and walk away then come back and deal with the situation.  Never deal with the situation while you are angry.  Watch what you say to your children.  Words are daggers in the heart and no matter how much you apologize words are never forgotten.  Also, take break--sometimes …
I will Praise You in the Storm

How can I help those who need it the most?  This was the question that I pondered last night.  After the tornado hit, which is very, very rare in our area-so rare the last time something like this happened was in 1929 or so the newscaster reports. 

As I was getting ready for church, I suddenly thought of my grandson (2yr.old) and said do the little ones have the necessities-diapers, wipes, formulas, etc.  I knew the Red Cross was bringing food-but what about the little ones? 

I bet you guessed it--After church (which was an amazing service) I went to Wal-Mart and purchased diapers and wipes.  My daughters , 2 yr. old grandson and I headed down the interstate toward the college and kept saying on my look how slow the northbound lane is going-at least 10-15 miles backed up.  I said don't worry Mom knows the back roads and no big deal.  We went inside the college and found out we needed to go in the opposite direction.  Again, don't worry Mom can get…