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Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What's one thing that's still the same about you as when you were young?
My poor eyesight!!  I am still blind as a bat.

2. What's more important-history or science? Why?

Science-just because of all the knowledge and  inventions from our famous inventors- Benjamin Franklin to Henry David Thoreau science helps us move forward.  However, with history, one should learn from their mistakes, right? and history helps one learn from the past.

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. When did you last sing happy birthday to someone? When were you last sung to? Does that embarrass you or do you enjoy being the center of attention on your special day?

Couple of weeks ago, sung Happy Birthday to my neighbor's son.  I can't remember when someone sung Happy Birthday to me.  Absolutely NOT--like being the center of attention on my birthday!!

2.  Name a famous or 'infamous' person (living or deceased) who shares your birth day and month. Is that someone you'd like to meet in person if it were possible?

Had to google this--Tom Cruise and I share the same birthday-duh-Yeah, would love to meet him!  Others who share my birthday month: Huey Lewis, Toby Keith, Ringo Star, George Bush, Bill Cosby.

3. Someone hands you a box tied up in a lovely bow...what are you hoping to find inside?

Airline Tickets to somewhere!  I want to travel, but hub doesn't.

4. What can you guarantee about yourself?

That I am a loyal friend and will be there for you. I

5. Talki…
This has been a busy weekend and also a weekend to reflect on life.

Hub and I have had grandson to keep since Thursday.  Friday after school, we took him to a birthday party one of his friends was having.  Saturday, I attended a baby shower and had a few errands to run.

This weekend has also been filled with hospital visits.  My brother-in-law and daughter took my mother-in-law to the emergency room Wednesday.  Hub and I went down later that night.  MIL has not been taking her heart medication for two weeks and the doctor seemed to think this was the main problem.  They kept her over night just to regulate the meds and hopefully she would be discharged Thursday.  MIL is 78 years old and weighs probably 80 pounds.  She was not discharged and has taken a turn for the worse.  The nurses have told us she probably will not make it home.  Hub and I talked last night and realized MIL hasn't been the same in a long time-especially since father-in-law passed away 4 years ago.  MIL has alw…

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What's something you're never too young or too old to enjoy?

Games-hide-and-seek, ring around the rosie, volleyball, basketball or just a fun game of corn hole.  Sometimes my body says I am not as young as I use to be, but my mind says -oh go ahead.  To me, I am never too old (ahem)

2. Share one happy memory from your high school years.

Attending my first 'sock hop' -getting ready, being nervous, and hoping the boy of my dreams would ask me to dance and having so much fun being in the high school band!

3. A nationwide strike of fast food employees took place in the U. S. last week...they're calling for higher wages and the right to unionize? Your thoughts?

I have to admit I didn't know about the strike-My thoughts most employees are teenagers who are living with their parents, college students wanting extra spending money, or retired employees wanting extra money.  We all feel at one time or another that we are overworked and underpaid. If this results in high…

Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind....

Not official, but we opened!!

Friday evening after the first home football game, hub and I decided to open our coffee shop.  Daughter, Amanda, had done a trial run with coffee on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday-bringing free coffee to teachers and bus drivers in Chilhowie-(great idea, right?)  and she told all we were going to have the coffee shop open after the game on Friday.  Friday was so hot that our school district decided to dismiss two hours earlier-heat and coffee-hum...  Friday was the 'big game' school rivalry football game.  We rolled the dice and just decided to open.-our open sign has not arrived but..what the heck was my thinking.  Truly surprised be the turnout-especially since the football game went in overtime.  Many were amazed at the work we had done on the building and were impressed.  Coffee and cake were a hit!  Me, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole night-the conversation, taking orders, fixing coffee, and even cleaning up!!

Saturday was…