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My word for 2018

I have chosen a word for 2018....and I have never chosen a word for a year before...but for some odd reason I have told hub just now that I wanted to chose a word for the 2018 year... My word for 2018 is BELIEVE
I am going to BELIEVE that things, circumstances, etc. happen for a better reason. I am going to BELIEVE....release fear and have more faith. I am going to BELIEVE in the good....and not focus on the negatives. I am going to BELIEVE it will happen at the right time...God's timing...not mine. I am going to BELIEVE good things are going to happen.

I BELIEVE God wants us to be happy and Enjoy Life!

Christmas Blessings

I know it is the day after Christmas.... and  blessings need to be told and youngest daughter's birthday is today and I haven't written a post in ages and I am going to be a grandmother and oldest daughter got engaged and people are probably tired of reading about Christmas
Let me start by saying, I have really missed blogging and reading all the blogs but my journey this year has been a rough one.

February of 2017, Hub was diagnosed with cancer for the second time.  He had been cancer free for SEVEN years and the darn thing came back.  So many trips to doctor's office and test were a big part of my 2017 beginning. 

March 15th of 2017, my oldest daughter was told she needed to have a third open-heart surgery. Her first two open heart surgeries were when she was 11 months old and 16 months old.

From March to May my time was spent at Duke University with husband.  He was having surgery because the tumor on the outside of his stomach was blocking his bowel and more tumors were found in t…