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Wednesday hodgepodge

1. Share a favorite moment from your Christmas holiday celebration.
Special moments were shared at my aunt's house.  Talk and laughter spread throughout the house.
2. What would you say has been the biggest news event during your life so far?
Oh gosh!!  Now that I have hit the mid-life plus a few extra years many events have happened:  Watergate, the end of the Vietnam War, Nixon resigns, Elvis Presley's death, Haley's Comet ( I remember going to see this-looking through a telescope), Clinton's scandal, Challenger, Computers, the devastation of 9/11,  Cell phones, and the music--aww the sounds of the music...these are just a few that I remember. 3. The Pantone Color of the Year for 2015 is Marsala. What say you-like or no like? Would I find this color anywhere in your home or wardrobe? Will you add something in this shade to either? 
The house we lived in before this one had the Marsala color in the living room.  I like this color.  I do have a rug that is this color…

Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind....

But first, let me tell about my Christmas.  

Daughter #1 has been working like CRAZY-with all the flu and other stuff going around.  We had decided to eat a Christmas Eve lunch-not be so rushed getting to church at 6 and then to my aunt's house afterwards.  Daughter said she would be home around oneish.  The table was set and then I waited and waited and waited and waited....

Finally at 3 she arrives-but couldn't stay long..for she had told her patients she would return by 3:30 to fill their prescriptions!  Of course, I was a little sad, but then daughter quickly reminded me of the oath she had taken in pharmacy school.  She literally 'woofed' down her lunch and headed back out.
I must admit, I wasn't thrilled about this at all! and I reminded her we would be leaving by 5:30 to go to Christmas Eve Service at church.

Daughter #2 and her finance wanted us to open gifts they had gotten Charlie and I before church service.  We did-which is not somet…

Weekend Rewind.....


Attended Grandson's Christmas Party at school.  He is in kindergarten and I volunteered to help out with the class party.
My contribution--help with the games and bring cupcakes:

The children made hot chocolate to take home, played Pin the Nose on Olaf, Bingo-my favorite..

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Time magazine has selected The Ebola Fighters as their person of the year for 2014. Do you agree, and if so who would you say is a close second? If you disagree with their choice, who do you think should have been chosen? 

I am okay with the Ebola Fighters-who are still fighting this outbreak.  Close second, I have no idea who are in the running.  However, I will give my opinion to who I think it should not be--anyone who uses his/her influence negatively.

2. This question comes to you courtesy of Susan who blogs over at Stew Mama Says. She knows we have a wedding happening any minute now, and she asks, 'What's your favorite-something old? something new? something borrowed? something blue in your home?  Be sure you hop over and say hi to Susan today! 
Something old-my grandmother's table-drop leaf with the lion claws, something new-my vacuum cleaner-a recent purchase, something borrowed-I don't have anything in my house that has been borrowed, something blue would b…

Weekend Rewind...

Weekend Rewind....

This weekend has held so many wonderful memories.

Friday evening, I met a few friends I haven't seen in awhile. We first attended an Art Walk in a nearby town and later returned to one of the houses for dinner.  This was my first Art Walk; I have always wanted to attend but seemed to have always had something to do and never had a chance to go until...This Friday!!  Walking through the Art Gallery, I am just in awe at all the beautiful work..and a little jealous that I don't have that talent.

After the Art Walk, we returned to one of my friend's house for dinner.  All had agreed to bring something so not causing too much trouble for the hostess.  Sitting down to dinner, we all held hands and the blessing was said.  I am very blessed to have these women in my life.  Conversation, food, drinks, and laughter filled the evening.

Sunday was an extra amazing day.  That morning as I was getting ready for church, I was a little excited because grandson's …

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What is one new holiday tradition you'd like to establish, or one you've established recently, say in the last year or two?

Hub and I have combined both of our childhood traditions for the last 30+ years.  Recently the past couple of years I have started 'The Elf on the Shelf'-grandson loves it. I don;t do all the crazy pics one might see on Facebook.  When grandson comes over he begins looking for 'Jingles' (that is his name) and both daughters (who are 26 & 24) wonder where he is and what he has done.

2. It's the second week of December. Have you sipped a cup of eggnog yet this month? Wrapped a gift? Opened a gift? Kissed someone under the mistletoe? Lit a candle? Eaten a Christmas cookie? Seen Santa in person? Watched a Christmas movie or special? Read scripture relating to the birth of Jesus?

I love watching Christmas movies even though I have probably seen most of them, I don't mind watching them over and over.  Will get into wrapping gifts t…

Winter Reading Challenge

Books that I have been reading:

The Paris Architect: A Novel