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From This Side of the Pond: Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol 7-Making spirits bright

From This Side of the Pond: Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol 7-Making spirits bright: "Tammy"

1. My Christmas Eve Tradition---We all go to church and then to my aunt's house for a little get together. My aunt was my father's sister, so this is a special time for me.

2. The best book I read was also The Help---however a close second is After River by Donna Milner.

3. I don't own any pets--:(

4. In January of 2010, my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. He was 53 years old and had just recently lost his father in Ocotber of 2009. He had promised his an dad he would have a colonoscopy--so he kept his promise. Now my husband doesn't smoke, eats healthy and exercises regularly. I received the call from his cousin saying the doctor had found a tumor and it was cancer. I have two daughters in college-the youngest on her way to Georgia to play college basketbal and the oldest daughter was home. After weeks we returned to the doctor to remove staples and BLOW---he w…
So I perfer odd numbers. Is it the math teacher coming out in me. I get so excited working problems that are difficult and actually require thinking. Today most people rely on calculators to do math, but what has happened to the days of paper, pencil, and your brain. Yes, your brain. The part of the brain that develops last is the part one needs to do math. So, have we become lazy now to rely on calculators. Work your brain more and your memory skills will also improve. Odd numbers aren't perfect-so one must concentrate more and learn to think outside of the box.
Happy New Year

Today we all need to be thankful of the wonderful year we had. Although this year brought a loss to our family--the passing of Charlie's dad---I am thankful of the many years I spend with this wonderful person. Mr. Doane was full of humor and wisdom. There has not been a day to go by that I am not reminded of him.

I look forward to the year 2010. Stop and take a minute to relax--imagine me saying this-and enjoy what is ahead-a beautiful snowfall, rainbow, or sunset. We miss out on the small things that are beautiful.

May the memories of 2009 be kept close to my heart as I enjoy 2010/