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Wednesday hodgepodge

1. It's  been said that one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. Do you think that's true? Do you find that an easy exercise most mornings? What's something positive you told yourself today? If you missed that boat, what's something positive you could tell yourself tomorrow?

Your way of thinking does determine your day-that is how I believe.  Each morning, I read a ten minute devotion before heading off to school and hum this song on the drive to school..(posted in random thoughts).  Mornings are easier to have positive thoughts-what better way to begin your day!
I can do this-my positive saying.

2. There will be karaoke at the next party you attend...are you in? Or will you be faking a sore throat?

People will want me to fake a sore throat!!

3. January 29th is National Puzzle Day...what's something you've found puzzling recently?

I find it puzzling how some people believe what they are doing is right-when the Bible plainly says it is wr…

Weekend Rewind...

It is a balmy 47 outside right now!  
It has been terribly cold this past week.  We only had two school days last week :(  Now I do get excited when I get the message that school is closed but now it's like-Oh No-not again.  Friday our school system was on a delay (due to the extreme cold) and I was completely ready to face the day when I got the message school was closed.  At first I was a little mad-but quickly got over it and went shopping!!
Later that day, I went to help hub in the coffee shop.  Glad I did. Last week I found the cutest shop-Amish that is and I took a business card.  Yep, I called them and two sweet, gentle, and delightful ladies came down to the coffee shop on Friday-hum...about the time I happen to get there-coincidence one might say.  They had brought samples of their homemade pies, doughnuts, and pumpkin rolls.  Oh my gosh-all was scrumptious!  Hub knew my wheels in my brain had been turning since last week, and he was a little hesitant with my idea but on…

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. It was decided on Sunday the Denver Broncos will meet the Seattle Seahawks in this year's  Superbowl. So when was the last time you bowled? Not where you thought this question was going is it?  Do you like to bowl? Are you any good? 

Went bowling many years ago before having children.  Bowling is okay.  I remember pretty good at it, that is after I picked out my bowling ball, which seem to have taken me forever to do.

2.   Should sports stars be role models? 

Depends on the sports star.  For some sport stars, absolutely NOT, and then for others absolutely YES!

3. January is National Oatmeal month...are you a fan? How do you like your oats?

Becoming a fan of oatmeal.  Grandson loves oatmeal-me I skip breakfast and I know this is very wrong.  A couple of months ago my cholestrol was not very good and I was told to eat oatmeal to lower it-so I have been trying-(the key word is trying) to eat a little oatmeal.  The fruit-is my favorite.

4. What is one book on your reading list for 2014…
Weekend Rewind...

For those who follow my blog you know how much I am a a fan of Relay for Life. This year and last year my school had put a team in this event.  Our school's team is Can-SOAR-which means we will rise above cancer.  I am kinda in charge of the fund raising for our team and we have done some projects.  The latest project is Student Choice for their favorite Snowman.  On Friday, the Snowmen were put on display...Really Great Snowmen and a huge thanks to all classes who participated....

Some pretty 'cool' snowmen. The student's vote by placing money in a jar, and the snowman that collects the most money is declared the winner.  Also, the class who sponsored the snowman receives a prize.  The students enjoy this and it does raise money for Relay for Life.

Saturday, I went to watch my cousin play in an AAU Basketball Tournament.  Sad, but true, I miss this-seems like only yesterday I was watching youngest daughter play.  Where did the time go?
Hub said I di…

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1.  Are you a force to be reckoned with? In what way?

Yes, when it comes to my family.

2. What are two things you love about the wintertime? Or, if love feels like too strong a word, what are two things you 'like' about winter? 

Winter-the falling snow is absolutely gorgeous,  I really don't mind the cold -as long as it doesn't get below zero.

3. Pomegranate, kumquat, persimmon, kiwi, and guava are all fruits said to have health benefits, particularly during the winter months. Do you have a favorite on the list? Are there any on the list you haven't tried? 

Kiwi is my favorite. Never tried kumquat.

4. I passed a local church yesterday and noticed they had this on their outdoor sign- 'When all else fails, do the right thing.' Your thoughts?

We all do wrong things everyday, but one should always do what is right.  When making a decision that you know is not in your best interest-ponder the question 'What would Jesus do in this situation?' When trying to …

Weekend Rewind

January, the month to relax.
As I began writing my blog, I thought gosh, this weekend was not exciting, not much happening.  My mind told me to relax and enjoy the nothingness.  For those who know me, this is VERY HARD for me to do.  
Is January the month to relax?  There isn't much going on in January when it comes to celebrations.  Is January, the month to really slow down after the holidays?  
I did see some friends Friday night-Ladies Night as we have come to call it.  Enjoyed all the fellowship and food.  
Tonight, after Sunday evening church services, we opened up the coffee shop for fellowship
This was the gest of my weekend. Heck, the weather hasn't even been exciting!!!
 Martin Luther King's Day is January 20th-. The day commemorates the man who fought ceaselessly against the segregation of the African-Americans and promoted peace and preservation of life in the process. Mr King was pivotal in the fight against racial segregation and has inspired countless civil …

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Every January 1st since 1976 Lake Superior University has published a list of words they'd like to see banished from the Queen's English.  Words may be banished due to misuse, overuse or just general uselessness (go here to read more about how the words were chosen).  Here are the words/phrases they'd like to see banished in 2014-

selfie, twerk/twerking, hashtag, Twittersphere, Mr. Mom, T-bone, ____on steroids, the suffixes-ageddon, and -pocalypse added to anything and everything, from the world of politics the words-intellectually/morally bankrupt and Obamacare, and from the world of sports the words-adversity and fan base

Which of these words/phrases would you most like to see banished from everyday speech and why? Is there a word not on the list you'd like to add? Obamacare-enough said.

2. What one unfinished project nags at you begging to be completed in this new year? Since hub and I moved into this house in 2oo8, I have wanted to redo the bathroom.  Not happened…

Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind....

Because God is never cruel, there is a reason for all things. We must know the pain of loss; because if we never knew it, we would have no compassion for others, and we would become monsters of self-regard, creatures of unalloyed self-interest. The terrible pain of loss teaches humility to our prideful kind, has the power to soften uncaring hearts, to make a better person of a good one.” 
― Dean KoontzThe Darkest Evening of the Year

This weekend I lost a very special lady I have known for 35 years- my mother-in-law.  She was known as Nanny to my girls, Mom to my husband, 'Granny' to all the children she kept in the nursery at church and all the students at Chilhowie Middle School, but she was always Mrs. Doane to me.  A lady that was like a mother to me-now a hole in my aching heart. As the days go by, memories will be filled with laughter, but now there is an aching heart.