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Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What news story are you following right now?

Still following the Flight of 370-my hears just goes out to all the family members.  Have always been interested in the Royal Family-any news there?

2. What's the last thing you wanted but didn't get?

A road trip-I love to travel and hub is so content being in his small town-that is okay, but I wanted to book a trip somewhere and hub just flat out refused :(
Usually if I really want something-material , I usually purchase it myself.

3. May 28th is National Hamburger Day...when did you last have a hamburger? Other than your own kitchen or BBQ grill, where is your favorite place to go for a hamburger? And for all you non-meat eaters out there...when you're invited to a cookout what is the one side dish you hope is on the menu?

I think about a month ago hub grilled hamburgers.  I love a juicy hamburger with all the trimmings!  Listening to the news, I am skeptical about purchasing hamburger meat now after hearing the news last wee…

Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind...
one day late

Hope all enjoyed Memorial Day-a day of just not picnics, swimming, etc. but a day to remember all who have given so much for us!

Friday was a great day!  My students did well on their Standards of Learning Test!!  WOOHOO!!
Later that evening I joined up with some fellow teachers for dinner and great conversation!  There is nine days left for students in my county.  Teachers have to work till June 10th.

Saturday, I finally talked hub into going to Plumb Alley Day.  The weather was perfect.He has never been and just doesn't care for this kinda of stuff.  Plumb Alley Day is just a lot of flea markets, games, antiques, etc. It didn't take much coaxing for hub to go when he found out 'little man' was going.

The giant slide caught 'little man's ' eye.

Hub did enjoy some of the sights.  'Little man' enjoyed the confederate soldiers and the firing of the guns.  I guess all boys are interested in guns at his age.

After a few ho…

Wednesday hodgepodge

1. Under what circumstances do you do your best thinking?

I do my best thinking when approaching a deadline, and I wait till the last minute to look over something.

2. Are you a risk taker? What's one big risk you've taken?

No, I am not a risk taker.  On the other hand, hub is a risk taker.  The biggest risk I have taken is opening up a new business (daughter's pharmacy) from the ground up.  It has been a headache with all the laws and codes one has to follow.

3. Some of the most common phobias according to the National Institute for Mental Health are-fear of spiders (arachnaphobia), snakes (ophidiophobia), heights (acrophobia), fear of spaces from which escape is difficult (agoraphobia), fear of thunder and lightening (astrophobia), fear of dogs (cynophobia), injections (trypanophobia), social situations, flying (pteromerhanophobia) and fear of germs and dirt (mysophobia). True phobias affect only about 10% of adults, but of those listed which would you rate as your greatest 

Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind...

A Whirlwind...

Friday, I took a Personal Leave to set up for Relay for Life.  Friday morning around 2am daughter took the nasty stomach bug that has been going around--so I was up and down with her during the wee hours of the morning.  Poor thing-she still wanted her Momma when sick no matter how old.  She was one sick girl-laying on the bathroom floor and crying with her stomach.  Grandson was spending the night with us and I was praying he would not wake up and hear daughter in the bathroom.  Thankfully he slept through it all.  I called daughter #1 (pharmacist) and she was able to get some meds for her sister and told me what to give her to drink--ice chips and gatorade with water.  Thankful for #1 daughter and her sister was too.
Later I took grandson to help me set the tent, chairs, and tables up.  He really wanted #2 daughter to go and I had to explain that she needed to sleep so she would feel better for Relay that night.  When grandson and I got home daughte…

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. It's still May, right? When were you last in the middle of something that might be described as mayhem?

Can't remember when.  However, I will probably feel this way this weekend-MADNESS.  On Friday is Relay for Life lasting from 5 to 3am Saturday, Saturday I am leaving at 6am heading to Harrisonburg, and Sunday leaving at 6am heading to Durham, North Carolina,  I will feel insane on Monday.

2. When did you last feel dismayed?
 On Mother's Day-family situation that hasn't been good for quite some time.

3. What's a food combination you like, but other people may find strange?

I love beer and candy!

4. "It is never too late to be what you might have been." Do you think that's true? Why or why not?

Never too late to learn something whether it is a trade or an educational diploma.

5. US News and World Report listed the best historic destinations in the US as follows-Washington D.C, Philadelphia PA, Williamsburg VA, Charleston SC, Boston MA, Richmnd VA, Sav…

Weekend Rewind....

Weekend Rewind...

Hope all had a fantastic Mother's Day!!
The weather held out nicely today after raining yesterday.  
Today was our (hubs and mine)first Mother's Day without hubs Mom.  He became somewhat teary in church this morning, according to daughters.  This was to be expected.  It seems to hit you most-the feeling of lonely and sadness when the special days roll around.  He did manage a little laugh when I brought my Wee Worship group-all 20 of them ages 3-5 in for special music.  Just lining these little ones on stage is a chore in itself!!  
After church, we grilled out and my mother was able to come.  
Daughters had gotten me my Mother's Day gift a few weeks ago, which I absolutely love (MK purse), but I got my Mother's Day gift on Monday.  Oldest daughter had to go to UVA for her cardiologist check-up and a stress test.  She didn't want to spend the night so we left at 4:45am-bright and early one might say.  Anyway her cardiologist gave her the best news…

Weekend Rewind....

Weekend Rewind...

After school on Friday, a long week of bus duty I might add, I had many errands to run.  Finally got all accomplished as was ready to 'hit the hay' pretty early.
Saturday, hub was busy at the Coffee Shop so I pitched in and mowed the lawn.  I did a lot of thinking while mowing the grass.  So much has been happening here lately and I just can't seem to get a break.  As I was mowing, I kept humming a lot of the contemporary gospel songs in my head.   When hub returned home, I had finished cleaning some of the house, mowed the lawn, showered and was headed out to buy flowers-all completed before 3 that afternoon.  Hub was impressed!!  We went and purchased some hanging baskets and other plants for the house.   That evening I made a special treat I had been wanting to try.  All hold their breath when I make something new,(a little cheese surprise) and I know what hub and daughter were thinking.  Another surprises-hub and daughter loved this little treat!  Tha…