Complaining--Give Me a Break!!!

Complain---Me??  Well here are my complaints:

1. I can't seem to leave comments.  Everytime I try to leave a comment I am sent back to my sign in page.  Come on--give me a break here!! Is anyone else having this problem????  If so how did you fix it??? 

2. Okay here goes-it is getting hot!!!  The weather has been in the high 80's and it is not even summer yet!! This warm weather doesn't help my hot flashes!!!!!!  Now I am not wishing for cooler weather by no means but---give me a break!!
Speaking of weather all we are having is severe thunderstorms or tornado warnings/watches!!! I can't remember having so much rain either---I think I am going to rust!!!!

3. I love having my daughters in but daughter #2 has taken over with all her college "stuff" and I repeat "stuff."  I keep saying this is not your college room, but I have learned to shut my mouth and close my eyes---give me a break!!!

4. Everytime I try to get ahead...well, you know what happens?  Ten other things pop up--give me a break!!!

Looking forward to a long weekend--I will get a break!!

Untill then...Enjoy Life


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