We've Only Just Begun......

After Halloween.....

We've Only Just Begun........
Basketball season has started for #2 daughter.  She is a senior this year (gosh, I can't believe) in college and I want to be able to attend all of her games.  I haven't been able to in the past, due to such long drives and school.  

So here we go.....
Beautiful drive on the way to our first stop.....

Last week-400 miles to Berea College

This week we traveled to......
Union-300 miles

and to Sumter, South Carolina  --600 miles.

That's my girl!

Go--Number 15

At least, we were able to spend the night.  I was hoping to get to the beach, but with basketball one only sees the gym. The weather was too chilly and windy-this is what I kept repeating to myself. :(   Positive note-the girls won both games! :)

Charlie and I did stop at

they have fabulous food and out of this world milkshakes.  Wish we had one in our small town.

Daughter #1 was doing a medicare clinic close to home.  She texted me in the gym announcing "I'm coming home."  Oh No!  we won't be there. :(  She came home anyway just to get away for a day and left these.......

red velvet cupcakes for her mom. She is a jewel.  Much love to you, Amanda.  How can a parent be in two places at one time?  I would like to know this.  

Emily has only 27 basketball games left and I have miles and miles to go.

Have a great week!


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