Weekend Rewind

Hideous Ballgame

Just a little background....

Daughter came home this weekend from Roanoke to watch boyfriend play Emory and Henry in basketball. Emory and Henry College is only ten minutes from where I live. Her boyfriend attends Bridgewater College.  We have only been to one of his games so we were looking forward to watching him play.
We (hub, both daughters, grandson, and a few other people we had invited also brought their boys) arrived plenty in time to get a good seat (well we thought a good seat).  Five minutes before the game began, a few (12 as a matter of fact) boys came and stood on the bottom bleachers.  I asked if they were going to stand the entire time and "yes" was their reply.  Stands were full by this time, and we thought that will be okay for we were still able to see the game.  The first quarter was okay-the second quarter the 12 boys -or young men, were yelling-chanting phrases that should not have been allowed.  At half time I went to see if an administrator was there-or any college administrator-I was going to voice my concerns.  None could be found. The second half of the ballgame was ten times worse than the first half.  Now, I have been known to yell at ballgames, but nothing ugly, and it is okay with me to yell things like-"That is a bad call", "Come on get in the game" or "Come on pass the ball to other players" but what these young men were yelling was absolutely cruel and hateful phrases.  At one point a person sitting beside of me was told by one of these men to 'shut-up' as she was clapping for the other team-her son plays for Bridgewater.  I was trying my best to keep my mouth shut but when one of these young men turned around and said obscene language and also using obscene finger gesture -I lost it-still keeping calm-I told them loudly how rude they were being-since there were 9 and 10 year old boys sitting with us.  The 12 men-who were being belligeent,  could have cared less.  A young man sitting across the aisle from me, came over and said how embarassed he was-this young man was a junior at the college and he also played baseball there.  This young man was very nice and I asked him did this happen at all the home games (the action of these 12 men) and this young man hung his head down and I knew the answer before he said it.  Bridgewater won-no contest YEAH!!.  and I will be writing a letter to the President of the college and voicing my concerns.  Also, Emory and Henry has many student teachers who teaches in this area and when a professor comes around I will voice my concerns to him/her.  I just become too infuriated thinking about the way these young college men behaved.
After the game, Emily's boyfriend played a little basketball with the younger boys...

Playing basketball with these young boys, made their night!

Sunday was a bright new day-even though the weather outside was dreary-inside my house it was all smiles...

On a lighter note-I made these for my Wee Worship Church Children...

It is a squeeze drink and candy kisses are in the baggies.  The note reads-Happy Valentine's Day-a kiss and a squeeze from Ms.Tammy.  A cute idea from Pinterest.

They make my week so much brighter. A snap shot of some...
Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. 
How much nicer would the world be if we all could be like little children in our minds and hearts?

Have a great week!


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