Weekend Rewind...


After a cold week, the weekend has been gorgeous, that is until today but I am not going to think about the rainy weather outside.

Friday the temps started rising and Saturday felt like a warm, spring day!!  Really wanted to open all the windows and take in the warmth of the day. 
I really don't mind the snow, but the frigid temps have gotten to me.  Our school system has been closed for 10 days so far this year, not because of the snow but because of the freakin cold temps.  

 Our vehicles have needed a wash so I took hub's vehicle first to be washed. I wasn't the only one who planned on this...

Waited in line for a long time....finally vehicle clean.  I decided against taking my vehicle-too pretty to be stuck in a vehicle at the car wash.

Hub and I went for walks and enjoyed the gorgeous day.  The sky was beautiful even with snow still hanging around.

This past weekend would have been my sweet daddy's 75th birthday.  My dad was only 47 when he passed away.
It has been 31 years and I miss him everyday.

Super Bowl Party was at our coffee shop. If anyone went away hungry, well just say no one should have left hungry.

and there was more......
Enjoyed the party/food more than the game.  I was pulling for the Broncos:(

Have a great week and Enjoy Life!!


  1. Yes it was a sad day for the Bronco's :( Looks like some good eats at your party.
    Glad you had some nice weather for a change.


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