Weekend Rewind....

The snowstorm did hit!

The weatherman kept saying it was going to hit...anticipation...it did!  School was cancelled for the remainder of the week (Wed.-Fri)-I think we are up to day 15!  Gosh I dread making up the days!  As a teacher it is okay to hear schools are closed, but now enough is Enough!
So... I went to get grandson from sitter and kept him a few days and nights.  We enjoyed some time in the snow....
Getting ready to play in the snow....

Should I take down my flag???

We made Valentine Cookies....Gosh I am really bored...All knows how I hate to bake..

The cookies were delicious!

Daughter was able to dig her way out of Roanoke and made it home safely!!  Her friends were all home and she wanted some catching up time.....

 Friend is stationed in Hawaii...boy was she surprised when she came home...

They (daughter and friends) planned to get together on Saturday for a 'girls night out'-- My house was the meeting place.

They have been best of friends since high school-gosh that was six years ago...
Still close...even after gong their separate ways through college-one went to University of Virginia,one went to Alabama, daughter went to  UVA-at Wise, and the last one attended East Tennessee State University-she is now stationed in Hawaii in the Army as a Lieutenant. Friendships..that is what it is all about.  Even though we may go our separate way...we will remain in touch and still have our 'girls night out'.  The one with the knee brace had a skiing accident--she was clumsy in high school-so I had to tell her that some things never change!!!  Much talk and giggles...and then they headed out....  I still had to remind them to be careful...and don't stay out too late...again..some things don't change, do they?

More snow came last night-just a little over an inch.  It is cold and windy but by the end of the week the temperature is to be in the 60's.  Time to wear flip flop and short sleeves.....:)

Have a great week!


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