I'm beginning to look and feel human again

Charlie and I drove to Kentucky on Saturday to watch Emily, #2 daughter play basketball.  It was a beautiful drive.  We drove 8 hrs.  Whew---what you do for your children.

Monday, Charlie had his doctor appointment-finally-with his oncologist.  So far--so good.  This was encouraging news.

Then......I felt like I had been hit by a dump truck.  I began chilling when I got home.  Quickly I began taking extra vitamins and airborne.  Tuesday I drug myself up and headed to school.  I didn't feel that bad, but not that great either.  As the day went on, I felt worse and worse. Quickly I made out lesson plans and went to see if the secretary could call a sub for me---then I called the doctor.  I left school and came home and went to bed before heading out to the doctor.  It seemed like 4:00 would never get here!

You know the routine--questions the nurse asks--What seems to be bothering you---my reply was--what is not bothering me.  My head hurts, my legs hurt, my hair even hurts, and I am chilling.  Temperature 103. No wonder I felt awful.  Next, strap test--negative.  Next, flu test--negative.  Hop on table and let me listen to your lungs.  Lungs sound clear, but you smoke sometimes and you could have pneumonia.  Could have?   So let me try and understand.....at this point I am shaking.....so doctor give me Tylenol.  I begin.....I have a fever, but not strap throat nor the flu, and my lungs sound clear but because I sometimes smoke you think I could have pneumonia; and this is what you are going to treat me for?  Right.....

Now, I have had pneumonia  twice but who was I to argue with a doctor.  I came home, took meds, and went straight to bed.
Today, I feel sooooo much better-actually I feel like a human being.  Charlie even said I was beginning to look human again.    Just in time for the weekend--and......another road trip to Kentucky :)


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