Thursday, October 13, 2011

10 Things I Would Do If..........

Ten things I would do if I didn't have to work......

1.  No alarm clocks would be set.  I would wake up on my own without the blaring sound of the alarm clocks.  This would prevent my husband from hitting me to turn the clocks off and for once I would not be falling out of bed.

2.  Really enjoy my cup or cups of coffee.  I could leisurely drink my coffee as I read the newspaper or watch television.

3.  No schedule to follow---I would eat lunch when I wanted to not at 10:40, go to the bathroom when I need to-not between classes or when I have planning, talk/text daughters when I want to....

4.  Watch more television--well if anything is on worth watching.

5.  Join more book clubs.

6.  Try new recipes---I hate to cook because I am in such a tizzy when I get home.  Being more relaxed I think I would enjoy cooking.

7.  Talk/Call my friends just to chit-chat.

8.  Exercise more-or just begin to exercise.

9.  Smile more!!!!!!

10.  Read to children in the library---

One day..... I will do these ten things!!!!!  I just need to get Charlie back to work! haha

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