College Breaks....

 First let me begin by saying, I don't remember having college breaks while I was in college, but who ever thought of this-was a FANTASTIC PERSON!
Both daughters have been in for fall breaks  :(  just not at the same time.  Which in this case was great!  I got to spend good, quality time with both girls, and I didn't feel I cheated one daughter.
Daughter #2 had fall break last week.  Even though the univ was closed for a full week, she had to return early for basketball practice.  Ugh!  However, we did have fun.  She had to keep training for basketball on break so she ran 2-3 miles daily (thankfully I was at school while she did this--school came first here --you know :)).  Then she had to practice her shooting skills--shoot at least 500 times a day--again a huge thanks to Charlie for all his rebounding skills.  I was left with the important stuff--like just plain talking and watching television together.  Now this is important stuff!!  We watched her favorite show Dancing with the Stars which I had never watched before.  During commercial breaks, I had to show her 'my dance'moves.  I didn't realize why she was so quiet as I danced--then it hit me.  She had been recording me the entire time. Sneaky daughter #2 is what she is. Daughter #2 got to spend the day with grandson as he celebrated his birthday at Chuck E Cheese.
 :( when she had to leave on Wednesday.

On Friday as I was teaching, I look up and there was daughter #1--what a nice surprise.  Her fall break had started.  That evening we made plans to go ---shopping! this is our favorite thing to do together.  I mostly looked around while she shopped and shopped and shopped.  When the van became full of packages, we decided to call it quits and head home.
Sunday was a gorgeous day.  Temperatures still very warm, and we decided to cook out.  Of course, we cooked her favorite-chicken.  Then we settled in the swing to relax and talk.
She has to leave Tuesday :(

I truly enjoyed both girls being home.  Nothing special was planned--just do what we wanted to do.  Most of the time, we all try to please each other when we are home together,-one daughter wants to do this and the other daughter wants to do that-but not this year.  
Both girls are different-one is sporty-and all she wants to do is relax and watch television, and the other daughter is by herself and studies constantly and she wants to do something-she is like a wild animal out of a cage-can't sit still.  Even though both girls weren't home at the same time (which I know they both would have like this better), I enjoyed my time with both. Sometimes a mom just needs time separate with both girls.


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