and then he was three......

My grandson turned three this weekend.  It seems like it was just yesterday when I was feeding him his bottle and rocking him to nap time.  No more bottles and nap time for him.

It was a beautiful, fall weekend.  Temperatures felt more like summer than early fall but the trees are telling us fall is just around the corner.
Grandson turned three and I began to realize how fast time goes by.  What happened to this----
becoming now-----

Birthday Theme was of course, Thomas the Train
Then off to Chuck E celebrate.
He did get tired after awhile and decided to take a seat and relax
Nate loved his cake but........
he didn't want to eat Thomas.  As a matter of fact, he didn't want anyone to eat Thomas!!!!  He only wanted to eat the cupcakes.

Nate turning three made me start thinking.  His mother is not in the picture and I want him to remember what fun times he had as a child.  Starting tonight, I am going to keep a journal for him--important dates, vacations, and other accomplishments he makes.
I wish Nate a very Happy Third Birthday!!!
He has stolen my heart.


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