Have you ever tried to get ahead of the game only to learn you forgot?? 

Let me explain myself.  March and April are busy months for special education teachers.  A ton of paperwork is required by the first of May.  So not only do I have a ton of paperwork to do, I also teach 5 inclusion classes-which requires preparing for lessons and grading papers.
More paperwork!!!
Today, I decided to get a jump start and begin.  After getting home from school, I explained to my husband I had a lot of work to start on.  No big deal-we will have sandwiches for dinner!!  That was fine with me.  I began grading papers before dinner.  Now that this was finished, I started dinner-fast, quick dinner.  After dinner, I headed back to my desk to begin.  I felt pretty good about myself-getting a head start on the work-and why not??? it was raining outside so no better night to begin.  I sat down and began on the first section-wrote two paragraphs and then began looking for other test scores--hmmm which pile are they in??? I searched my first book bag, not there-so I looked in the other book bag not there-so I did what we all should do---took a break and had a cup of McDonald's tea.  I figured I would need the caffeine boast later on.
Kept searching and searching and searching and.....
all at once I remembered!!!!!

I had left the important scores on my desk at school!!!! So much on my plan of getting a head start.  Right?? But now that I have had my tea-the night is still young!!!! VERY YOUNG for me.
I think I will finish the book I am reading and then who knows...Maybe do a little house cleaning....No not really!!


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