Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind

I learned a lesson this weekend.

We have a Sam's Club just a few minutes away from home so after work on Friday I decided to go and stock up on some things.  I had made my list and was ready to go.  My list was very short and I told hub it would not take me long.  We planned on grabbing a bite to eat afterwards.  Daughter #2 said she wanted to go and get a couple of things.  Shockingly, Sam's wasn't crowded.  I put my items in the buggy and I just went to look at a printer and Holy Cow-I couldn't see Hub!  He was pushing the buggy cart but what had happened.  The cart was piled high.  ahem--was the look daughter #2 gave me.  What turned into a couple of items-turned into $500.00 worth of stuff!!  Now hub is a softy when it comes to the girls and I knew what he was thinking.  Yes, #2 daughter would be leaving in two weeks to attend graduate school so just bite your lip she was just stocking up.  Stocking up--she practically stocked up for an entire year--that was what I was thinking.  I know in a couple of weeks I will look back and say-ahem --daughter sure did use her brains tonight!  Lesson learned-when #2 daughter says a couple of things-she will purchase them-not me-no more volunteering to buy a couple of things. 

I usually don;t write about the weather but our crazy weather is getting to me.  Another cold weekend in my neck of the woods.  Today it is raining and temp barely 50-this is unusual around her.  Usually we have temps in the mid-70's by now.  The long range forecast is rain and cool until Thursday-ugh!  Bring me the sunshine.

Daughter #1 is beside herself.  She will graduate Saturday from pharmacy school!! I am very proud of her-a long road, and she has seen it through.  Seven long years of college is behind her with no breaks.  However, she can only invite 5 people to the graduation ceremony--so we are giving her a little reception later that evening.

Our state testing begins tomorrow--What a way to begin a week, right?

My post has been more like-my thoughts this weekend and not what I actually did.  I am blaming this on the weather--this stinky, cold, rainy weather!!!


  1. Congrats on your daughter graduating from Pharmacy School!
    We have shopping trips like that, too, and it's always when my hubby is with me!

  2. We go to Costco and if we invite the kids to go we too can be pretty soft and say yes to the things they want. Congratulations to daughter #1 for all her hard work and wishing daughter #2 the best of luck at school.

  3. Congratulations to your daughter-that's fantastic!


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