Sunday, January 6, 2019

Some tidbits

Looking outside my window, the sun is shining and it is 59degrees!!  Not too bad for January 6th.  This past week, I think it rained every day...I was beginning to think I would need a canoe to travel.  When it rains in the winter season, I think it is so depressing (like I needed a reason to be depressed) and dreary.Image result for rain
Thankful for the sunny day today.
Image result for sunshine

I have began reading this....
because this is no way how I pictured my life would be...right now.   The first few pages spoke directly to me.  When hub passed away, I wanted the world to stop...stop being happy, stop celebrating Thanksgiving..but we live in a world where death is a part of life.

This little guy played some basketball games yesterday.

He is so sweet and handsome. 

AND....I can't believe this...BUT this little guy...a boy who has also stolen my heart will turn ONE in a week..

Time needs to pause for just a few days and let me catch my breath.  Daughter has planned a birthday party for him next week...Theme??  Yep, Baby Shark. 

So...Take care!
Enjoy Life

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  1. Your little guy is so handsome. Enjoy celebrating him and I love the birthday party theme : )



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