Weekend Rewind....

Weekend Rewind.....

Not much going on this weekend.  I wanted to go somewhere and do something but hub did not.  He wanted to just 'hang' around the house-like always. I like to go and adventure out, but hub is the kinda of man that is happy just doing nothing.

I did manage to talk him into going to the Chicagogea Festival on Saturday. A cloudy, not so hot day for this. Looking at crafts and listening to music is right up my alley.

Managed to stay for a couple of hours before heading home.

We have been behind in rainfall this year.  We might have gotten a 'little sprinkle' last week but not enough to wet a whistle.  However, yesterday the skies opened up and the rain came.  In less than 30 minutes, we had gotten over 2 inches of rain along. 

Along with the rain came severe thunderstorms.The thunderstorms would last for an hour.  In about an hour another thunderstorm would pop up. This lasted for 6 hours.  I didn't mind the rain because we really needed it, but the sever thunderstorms with heavy wind and lightning I could live without.

It is Monday, and with Monday I have much to try and accomplish.  I don't know why I scheduled a doctor's appointment on a Monday, but I did-ugh.

Have a great week and Happy Fourth of July!


  1. I keep thinking that surely we've caught up with the rain deficit. I don't mind the "mild" storms, but those severe ones are for the birds!

  2. Oh I understand what you're going through...Bud is the same...he'd rather stay home and read. I just grab the keys and he will follow. LOL

    Looks like a great time...I like these street festivals too....especially if it's overcast without the hot sun beating down.


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