It rained on my parade.but the sun still came out

 This weekend was the 60th Apple Festival!  The town is all decorated with fall themes.

 I began making apple dumplings Friday night.  One of hubs favorite treats.

 Saturday morning hub and I get up very early.  We begin making country ham biscuits. By 7:00 am we are ready to begin.

We made 90 country ham biscuits!  Many stopped by and enjoyed eating under 'our little shed' before the parade which  begins at 10:00.

 This is an exciting time in Chilhowie.  Many people come to this annual event from

Kentucky to

the streets were lined for the parade.

 Leading the parade is our band.

 Then the rain came..

and the parade continued....

 After the parade, there is a band competition.  I did feel sorry for the band members playing their instruments and performing in the rain.  Band members do have a special talent for this.

Later that evening we built a fire in our fireplace.

 It was S'more Time!

 Sunday all heads back out to the Apple Festival.  What a glorious day!

 Many activities to enjoy-from pet shows

eating ice cream

.  to bungee jumping

and bull riding...

A great time for our community to come together,  A great 60th Apple Festival!


  1. Sorry it rained but it looks like it was still fun! Love all the photos.


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