Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind

I kept Grandson Friday night and #2 daughter and I took him to the football game.  He was a hit with the young ladies.  As a matter of fact, it took us longer to get to our seats (everyone wanting to talk/hug him) than sitting watching the game.  No surprise there!

Saturday morning I woke with the sun shining in through the windows and a three year old peering at me. It was after all after 8, so it was time to get up.  I never sleep in past 7 so this was a treat for me.  Hub was already up and had been to a yard sale.  He was so excited about his purchases and was calling for me to come and see.  I had to get my coffee first.  Hub loves antiques so.....I just don't where we are to put his 'stuff.'  

The washboard is glass not metal-had never seen a glass one before.  Carefully we put it all in the shed outback until hub finds a place for them.  

Began decorating for fall.  We have the Apple Festival in a couple of weeks, so I needed to get some decorations out.

As soon as I finished, I had a great phone call.  Three of my friends were in Bristol  celebrating their class reunion.  I had not seen one of them in over 22 years.  We decided to meet in Abingdon at Bella's and have a late lunch.  I was so excited.  

Sitting in my car, I wasn't able to contain the emotions I was feeling.  When they pulled in the parking lot, I quickly jumped out of my vehicle and was ready for some hugs.  Two of the friends live in Georgia ( I was able to see them a couple of years ago)  and the other one lives in Florida-which has been at least 22 years since we had seen each other. Yes, we were all college roommates and joined the same sorority.  They could only stay a couple of hours because of other reunion plans.  How does one catch up on 22+ years in only a few hours?  Very quickly! plus we are going to arrange a girls' weekend in the near future!   These women are so special to me.  We are more like sisters than friends. 

Tho'  the miles may separate us-we will always remember one another and remain close.

It is beginning to look and feel like fall 'in my neck of the woods.'

Have a great week and enjoy life!


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