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We have moved!!  Two weeks ago started the big move.....and all is well.  Some interesting observations when moving.....when big heavy furniture is moved...some think you are finished, finding all the little things you have tucked away, finding all the things you kept and can't remember why, tossing away things that were used back in the 80's, .....SHEW!  This move did cost me a broken toe and a knot on my forehead!  Still finishing up the little stuff.

I did give both daughters 'little keepsakes' packed away in a nice huge tote.  #2 daughter gave them back for me to keep in storage so I am waiting on #1 daughter to return hers as well!

Besides moving I have also done some subbing for a few teachers.  It felt good getting back into school and seeing ole friends.

Enjoy your Labor Day.  The weather is looking good in my neck of the woods!


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