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Week in Review

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This week has been very busy around here.  I have been practicing my nursing skills, teaching, and taking care of grandson.

Daughter #2 is doing well after her second back surgery.  We all decided it was best if she spent a few weeks with us.  She and her husband have two large dogs, and we were concerned the dogs would jump on her (which they do) and daughter's reaction would be to jerk.  The recliner was moved upstairs, and she slept in this for a couple of nights.  Then she has gradually moved to the couch.  Daughter hasn't tried to sleep in a bed yet says she is afraid to roll over on her side and that her bottom half won't go as fast as her top half.  We have taken advantage of our spring like weather and walked around the block in the evenings.  Her husband comes by after work and helps her shower-still no bending or lifting anything over a half-gallon of milk.  Doctor visit this Thursday-prayers that everything is going as planned...  I must tell you that I did get a chuckle on her hospital bracelet--her bracelet read Redo.  When the surgeon came out to speak with us after the surgery, I asked if there was a warranty this time since it was a Redo. She has been taken good care of by me and of course by this little fellow:

I don't know, but sickness has seemed to have hit my community.  It seems the nasty stomach bug has hit!  BIG TIME!  I have taken extra precaution to not be exposed to this due to daughter's surgery.  Strep throat is on the rise...and now the flu has hit.  The flu seems to always hit in December, but this year it is hitting now.  After running into some friends at the store, I didn't realize how sick a lot of people have been.  Every morning I have taken an extra vitamin just in case.  Hub has had this terrible cough that seems to take his breath for a good 30 seconds.  He is on an antibiotic, but when he coughs I go running because it scares me so.

I taught this week for a colleague on a conference...my hands are raw from washing them so much and wiping down the tables with Clorox Wipes.  I think I went through two containers!

Stepson went on his golf trip this weekend, and grandson stayed with us.  Hub and I were a little concerned at first.  Grandson is all boy and loves to jump and wrestle.  We had to tell him he couldn't do this with daughter around.  He was pretty good but of course had to be reminded a few times.

After having temps in the high 70's, I woke up today freezing!  It had been awhile since grandson had spent the night on a Saturday, and I was rushing around burning up trying to get us all ready and taken care of before heading to church.
I did put on a sweater when stepping outside!

I haven't been able to go walking this week in the mornings.  I took this picture the last time I was able to go walking
I love being wide awake before the world gets up. This time of day is beginning to be my favorite.  Hopefully, I can get back in the walking swing this week.

Have a Blessed Week!


  1. My daughter said the same thing about illness. She had six children out the whole week due to sickness, and whatever it is it lingers. ugh. She is also working overtime with the bleach and soap : ) I do hope your daughter is feeling much better soon. Will keep her in my prayers.


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