Weekend Rewind

My #2 daughter has always wanted a dog.  For 22 years I have told her "No," even though #1 daughter had a white cat for 18 years.  Explaining to #2 daughter she was always so busy playing sports-elementary years, high school years, AAU, and then college basketball, I just thought it would be unfair to the animal with us gone all the time. This reasoning seemed to always work. :)

Friday we went to PetSmart.  Why?  Just to look at the adorable animals. I am so glad they have rescue animals which I didn't know.  Staying for hours, I had to make some long promises.  Yes, to daughter I promise she could have an animal-ONE Day-when you are through graduate school, and Yes, to grandson he could have a guinea pig-ONE Day-when you are older. Whew!

Hub cooked out a small dinner and we all watched the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics outside-yep hub has a television outside.  On nights like this I love it. I enjoyed the ending part of the opening ceremony more than the beginning sections.  Also could have done with a little less talk from hosts, but that is just my opinion.  Would love to be in London right now enjoying all the festivities.

Grandson spent the day with us on Saturday.  Enjoyed playing in our rocks. 

Experiencing drought conditions over the Fourth of July, I didn't allow him to have his 'Sparklers.'  The dew fell early Saturday evening so...

Playing "with fire" as he said was so much fun.

Daughter #2 has an interview Saturday in Johnson City at ETSU for Physical Therapy School.  This is not on ETSU's Campus so we decided to drive down on Sunday after church.   After finding the place holding the interviews, we drove on campus.  How much ETSU has changed in 30 years!  

This was my dorm while I was attending ETSU.  I couldn't find the Greek  Dorm-:(
Keeping my fingers crossed daughter will get accepted to the Doctorate of Physical Therapy at my Alma mater.

Enjoy your week!


  1. I think the Greek Halls are in Clement now. Good luck to your daughter!

    1. Thanks-I walked around the campus searching-Ross is where the Greek Dorm use to be.

  2. I'm not a fan of the opening or closing ceremonies of the Olympics - too much chatter by the announcers, too showy/excessive, etc. But I do love the Olympic games!


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