Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. The Summer Olympics officially begin this Friday night...will you be watching? If you could see just one event in person which one would you pick?
Gymnastic Events-

2.Do lazy days make you feel rested or unproductive?
Lazy days make me feel unproductive and very tired. 

3. July 25th is 'officially' Threading the Needle Day...can you sew? On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being not at all and 10 being Betsy Ross-like, how would you rate your skill with a needle and thread?
The only failing grade I have ever gotten was in Home Economics Class when I was in high school.  I had great difficulty sewing.  I don't like to sew, knit, cross-stitch, etc.  Not this type of gal!

4. 'Threading the Needle' can also mean to walk a fine line between two things or issues (think awkward social situation). When was the last time you had to 'thread the needle', figuratively speaking?
Everyday at school, I am in a very awkward situation.  I am good friends with a teacher and friends with this teacher's ex-son-in-law.  This a a very awkward situation.

5. Kidney, pinto, black, or navy...your favorite bean?
Pinto beans are my favorite-add some corn bread and garden onions with some chow chow-YUMMY!

6. Have you ever hosted a garage sale? Was it more success or bust?
Yes, and it was somewhat successful.  Daughters moved back from college where both lived off campus so we had extra bedroom furniture, tables, etc.  Our neighbors also had one that day, and I fixed ham biscuits for us all.  It was fun!

7. What makes you roll your eyes?
When someone tries to be someone they are not , and then using a foul language on top of that!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
#2 daughter has an interview with the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program at East Tennessee State University the first Saturday in August--Yay! keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for your daughter. ETSU is a wonderful place! ;)

  2. foul language - i didnt think of that but it totally makes me roll my eyes... especially when it is every other word! Those pinto beans look yummy!

  3. Sending prayers your way for your daughters interview.

  4. Rooting for your fun it would be to have one at your alma mater! Still such a beautiful campus too.

    Maybe I'd like garage sales better if someone made me ham biscuits : )

  5. Good answer on #7...

    I love doing garage sales if I get to do it with someone... Sitting out there all day alone is a bummer, but with a friend or one of my daughters (or both!) is great fun!

  6. Pinto beans and corn bread - yummy! Joining you in the finger crossing for your daughter.


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