I celebrated another birthday the day before our country celebrated its independence.  I don't feel older so ---- isn't all that bad.  As of today, I am 19, 365 days old-Whew now that makes me feel old!  Not giving away my age--just say born in the late 50's.

  We always have a cook-out on the Fourth of July, and this year was no different.

After eating, we all go and watch fireworks.  I was a little disappointed this year because our fireworks were 'awful,'  I don't know why but they did not last long-only 20 minutes.  But I told the family at least we had fireworks.  Some places didn't have fireworks because of the heat and drought. 

Storms rolled in early Thursday evening.  Wind speed was in excess of 60 mph and it was dark by 3pm.  Grandson was sleeping and the storms woke him up.  Later that evening, we actually built a fire in our fireplace at back.  Thanks for the cooler weather.

Can't have a fire without S'mores!  Yum!

My mother lost electricity so she spent a few nights with us. Her electricity came back on Sunday.  A huge thanks to the AEP for all the hard work they do restoring electricity to so many homes!

The cool weather was short lived.  Back in the upper 90's and 100's by Friday.  A heatwave has been with us for many weeks.  Thanks to our wonderful neighbors for the use of their pool.

When not using the neighbor's pool...then
this is the next best thing.

Have a great week and stay cool.  Our weather is supposed to get cooler-upper 80's with rain.  Not complaining one bit!


  1. I think a patriotic birthday would be fun. Glad you enjoyed your special day!

  2. Right about now, it's 83 here at 5 a.m......I could so use even the alternative pool you have posted here.

    A belated happy birthday wish from me to you.


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