The weatherman kept saying our area was under a winter weather advisory.  I spent Thursday night looking out the window (all I could see and hear was wind and rain), texting oldest daughter-she was planning on coming home to get her vehicle (has been driving one of my vehicles) and texting hub-who was in West Virginia watching #2 daughter play basketball.  It was to say the least, an eerie night especially when the electricity was going on/off.  Thankfully, I did not lose electricity but the wind was doing some major blowing!!
Hub finally made it home, #1 daughter asleep (last I checked) and #2 daughter and basketball team were spending the night.  Whew-now I can get some sleep.

Phone rings at 5:30-school is closed due to snow/ice.  I look our the window and I don't see anything.  My roads are black and I could see the ground.  You know when you don't get enough sleep, you feel like you are dreaming, well that's exactly how I felt.  I do the next best thing--I put on my glasses (blind as a bat without glasses/contacts) and look out the window again and turn the television on-oops forgotten hub still in bed. Not a nice word coming from his mouth.  There-I saw for my own eyes school closed on the TV screen.
I tried going back to sleep--after all this--right!  So I woke hub up--I had a good idea.  Since #2 daughter plays basketball in Ohio on Saturday and my aunt (who I dearly love and haven't seen in 5 yrs) lives only a couple hours of away from where daughter will be playing-let's leave and spend the night and visit her.  So I waited a few hours and called aunt-my mom is staying with her this winter and aunt has the stomach virus.  No way am I going around this.  Weather wasn't looking too good in Ohio, either.  So hub and I planned on staying home on Friday.--
Except.... I needed to go to Wal Mart.  I needed to pick up some things so we might as well go and drive #1 daughter's VW bug and make sure it is running okay before she drives it back to school.  The roads were clear....I couldn't see any snow...
Still don't understand why school was closed, but I needed this day off.

Quickly purchased what I needed at Wal-Mart.  Hub was starving so I had to hurry-you know how that is.  Trying to think of what you need to buy (had left list on counter-yep I need a list), and hub saying hurry so I can eat. We loaded the bags in the car and CAR won't start.  What?  I began questioning hub--you did say you drove this (#1 daughter's car) last week because it isn't good to just let them set.  Yeah he assured me he had.  Then why won't it start?  Look--the engine light is telling us we are trying to steal the car.  He tries again--it starts for a few seconds and then quits, engine light on again-trying to steal vehicle.  What?  Then it hits me-how are we going to get home?  #1 daughter is still at school-planning on coming home in the next 5 hours and #2 daughter is either in West Virginia or Ohio.  Hub calls his son-he is at the office but he can't leave because he is the only one there.  Ahem...We could call your mom, I tell hub.  Yes she is 76 years old and doesn't drive much but..hub replies-- just let me think a minute.  Finally he gave in, and he called his mom.
45 minutes later, we were on our way home!!

One can do a lot of people watching at Wal-Mart.
Vehicle was towed to a VW dealership.  Dealership was to have it fixed on Saturday.  Good-#1 daughter can drive her vehicle back to school.
Saturday---we woke up to this

and Charlie and I headed to Ohio to basketball.  Nice drive on the way up.
#2 daughter was glad we came.
Daughter #1 called-car won't be ready on Saturday.  The problem is.....

the key.  Cost $200.00!!! for a key-not including the tow bill, computer bill-yeah to see the problem, and not sure when it will be fixed.  I was stunned!  Oh well-it will be okay.

Driving home from Ohio was another story.  About an hour from home, we ran into snow.  Hub went 35 on the interstate and my behind was eating a hole in the seat!!  I was so glad to arrive home SAFELY!
Daughter #2 called and bus driver had taken the wrong turn.  They had at least 6 more hours on the road.  For those of you who have girls, this is not a good thing. Girls have plans -and to say the least, the girls were furious.  Guys, on the other hand, would have probably laughed and joke, but girls don't!  Most of Saturday night was laying awake waiting on the phone call that daughter was back at college-safe and sound.  The call finally came!

Daughter #2 called Sunday morning and--she had gotten a speeding ticket.  She swears she wasn't speeding, but we all know about that-don't we?

Until this weekend not much was happening or exciting.  I don't need to think this anymore!  It seems to all happen at once, doesn't it?

Busy week--I plan on going to two basketball games and I have meetings after school.  The weather is going to be a crazy roller coaster ride-thunderstorms tomorrow with temp in the 60's and maybe snow Wednesday with temps in the high 60's on Saturday!!  I felt like my three-day weekend was a roller coaster ride!


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