Weekend Catch-up

This weekend was spent tidying up.....

With a lot going on the past couple of weeks, I haven't had time to do some tidying up around the house....laundry, dusting, etc.  I spent Saturday playing 'catch-up'.  Honestly, didn't mind though. Windows were open and the cool breeze and fresh air was nice.  I felt like I had accomplished something.

After the house cleaning, I began tackling the leaves!  Oh my.....a big job.  Hub came home and told me that UT was playing and didn't I realize the time?  I looked at the leaves...I had managed to rake a huge pile...I looked again and thought...the leaves weren't going anywhere.  I quickly showered and plastered myself in front of the television.  Hub grilled out a black and bleu burger and we woofed it down to finish watching the game. The game wasn't going as I hoped for so I told hub we needed to go to the Fall Festival. Hub was relunctant to leave but with a few huffs and puffs from me, he went.  The best section of the Fall Festival is the silent auction....which I love.  There were so many nice baskets ranging from fire pits to flight packages.  I had placed my bid on a few baskets and watching carefully the other bidders. I overheard someone say that Tennessee had won, so I kindly interrupted to join the conversation.  I got the details of Tennessee winning but was so distracted I missed my final bid on the baskets...BUMMED.  On the way home, hub was telling me how we should have stayed home and watched the game.

We attended a family gathering on Sunday.  The weather was feeling like fall but all enjoyed the cook-out and sitting around the fire.  Hub and I went for a walk....after stuffing our selves a walk did us good.  There aren't going to be many days left to walk outside after eating. The fall chill felt good!

Enjoy your week


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