Weekend Rewind...

Weekend Rewind...

Vacation Bible School

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Our week was filled with nights of sharing Jesus to 160+ kids every night.  How amazing!!  The theme was Duck Dynasty and all lessons were built around parables: Faith, Forgiveness, Prayer, Obedience, and Kindness.   Each night the kids enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by volunteers in Miss May's Kitchen. Saturday evening was our closing along with Family Worship Night.During this week 12 were baptized and 2 rededicated their life to Christ.  Prizes were given out along with certificates. Grandson is proud of his certificate.  He had a great time all week.

Saturday, hub and I celebrated out 34th wedding anniversary.
Now, I am helping daughter#2 plan her wedding.  My first thought...gosh no skin is showing in my wedding dress....another story..

Daughters and I took hub out to eat on Sunday, along with my mother who was celebrating her 77th birthday. It was a beautiful day until the storms rolled in later.  

My daughters are so lucky to have a caring dad.  One who will go to the end of the earth with them.

Later, we began some more wedding details.
I tried helping, but then all I could do was laugh.  I don't know why I laughed maybe to alleviate some of the stress that daughter is feeling.  Daughter didn't take to keen to my laughing so I removed myself from the area.

Wishing all a great week.  Enjoy Life!


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