Weekend Rewind

This is going to be more like summer rewind instead of weekend rewind.   Can you tell I am already back in school?

Looking back, I haven't written in a couple of weeks.  So...

Our new business-pharmacy, coffee shop, and country store is moving right along. We are in the short rows now, and I am getting excited. By the way, daughter #1 has passed her other state board test.  I have two pet ;peeves about the state boards-first, with all the technology we have today daughter literally was sick for a week wondering if she passed the test.  The test was on taken on the computer and when the submit test button was pushed why can't it show whether she passed right then besides waiting. Second-I get agitated that a test will determine your profession.  These are medical professionals-I think their brains are already in a  state of over load.  Back to our business-got a little side tracked....   It stopped raining for a couple of days, and were able to fill in.  Grandson loved riding the dozer.

We plan on opening in September-Yeah!!  Hub says I can't retire from teaching just yet-but who knows.

Children's program at the library ended and grandson was able to choose a free book.  He really loves to be read to, and now is beginning to choose books he likes.

He also chose a dinosaur for his prize.

Spent the past few days in Pigeon Forge.  Hub and I took grandson, and we ventured to Dollywood.  It has been at least 11 years since we went to Dollywood.

 I don't mind riding the rides, never had.  However, there is one ride, I just can't handle and that is the swings. Of course, this was his favorite ride.

 I think he rode these 8 times, no joking.  I only rode them with him twice and that was enough for me.
At first, I was a little skeptical about taking grandson to the park, but it turned out to be a great day!

While in Pigeon Forge, the weather cooperated with us. It has been a rainy summer here.
We were able to go swimming

 ride go carts
and play games
A few days to relax and enjoy the end of summer before heading back to school.

  I think we start back earlier and earlier every year.  I always dread going back-hub jokingly says he remembers me saying I dread the end of the school year (this I say) and I kindly reply-it depends on when you ask me-(chuckle).  Going back to school means my summer is over and being somewhat lazy has come to an end.  Although this summer, I have not had a chance to be somewhat lazy with our new business and all.  Even though I dread the beginning of school, I still after (31 years) get enthusiastic when the first student steps in my room-which will be Thursday for me.

Wishing all a great week.


  1. Waiting only one week was short. I had to wait six weeks for the results of my certification test. I was told since it was a national test they wanted to make sure that all the results matched the test answers and that the questions were fair. That sounds like a bunch of malarkey to me.

    1. OMG! Yep, sounds like a bunch of malarkey!

  2. I haven't been to Dollywood in eons...would love to see it again, but we usually end up staying in the mountains, and not venturing into PF when we're in the area. Your grandson is lucky to be well loved by his grands!


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