Weekend Rewind..

Weekend Rewind...

A fun-filled weekend!!  I wish it would have lasted a little longer.

Daughter #2 came home on Friday.  Still some much needed studying to do!  I keep telling her it will not last forever.

Daughter #1 purchased a house on Friday.  Woohoo!!  She is super excited and so am I.  She works from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday at the Pharmacy and form 8am-3pm on Saturday and she will go in after hours (many times) to fill a prescription.  I know she is tired, and I tell her this won't last forever.  She loves her job and I am so proud of her!!

Saturday after daughter got off work we (both daughters and I) went shopping!!  We left Dad to mow and spruce up the yard.  Sometimes us girls just need to go shopping-for no apparent reason-just shop and talk and eat and shop and talk!  I always get daughters an Easter Basket-that's what mothers do even when they are 26 & 24.  As we shopped the girls were looking at other things and wanted them and the conversation was going like this--Daughter #2_"I really want this Michael Kors Tote-but I need to save my money-I am engaged now and still in school"  Daughter #1-"I know exactly how you feel, I want a Kindle Fire so bad, but I am really in debt and I just purchased a house!"  As I listened to their conversations, I was really proud of my daughters and yes, they were right and really thinking with their heads. I then spotted a Michael Kors purse that I truly fell in love with.  As I was admiring the purse, both daughters said to me "Mom get it, it is the one you have been wanting."  I replied well, I have a daughter getting married and the other daughter just bought a house, so I think I will wait.   Both girls went to BAM, so you know what I did?  I went and purchased the Michael Kors tote for daughter #2 and a Kindle Fire for daughter #1. I  hid these in the trunk of my car under blankets with some other things. After some more shopping, we headed home.

Later that evening, I did show hub and daughter#2 finance what I had purchased for both girls.  Nice was their reply.  Now I was expecting a little more than just the word 'Nice' but coming from men I guess that was okay.

After church on Sunday, we took some pictures.

Love my daughters!

Daughter #2 with finance. "the happy couple"

Daughters with their nephews.

Hub and I with the grand kids.  By the way, hub got a great report on Monday -he doesn't have to go back to see his oncologist for nine months!!  What a Mighty God We Serve!!

After pictures, it was time to open up Easter Baskets. Of course, both daughters just had to change first.

Little kids first, I told them.
Camden's basket books and stuff animals.

Little man, loves Scoby Doo and the blanket was a hit.
Daughters with Easter Basket.
Yes, Kenneth this basket is for you.
and now girls you also have...


We ate lunch early because #2 daughter had to head back to Roanoke.  As lunch was ending, daughter #2 went out to the car to check on something.  When she came in, daughter #1 got up and stood beside her and handed me a package.  Inside my package was the Michael Kors purse I had wanted!

 I gave them both hugs and started to cry.  The surprise was on me.  They began telling me how they had handled me not knowing and so on....   I told them they shouldn't had-and then they  said don't worry Mom, we called Dad and put it on his credit card!  Again, I must say, I as so Proud of my daughters-they truly are a blessing to me everyday.

It is very quiet in  my house tonight.  All have left and went their separate ways.  I miss them terribly!  I know #2 daughter will be in again this weekend-we have a wedding to attend. But I still miss them.

Have a great week.


  1. I love those kind of surprises, they are the best. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. So glad to hear the good news about your husband. God Bless!

  2. Now, this made my heart smile! Sounds like you have two very wise daughters and you should be proud of them. Looked like a most fun Easter celebrating with family. All the best with the wedding plans!


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