Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. St. Patrick's Day will be celebrated this coming Saturday...what's a favorite article of clothing you own that contains a touch o' the green?
I had to go and look in closet.  Only one green piece of clothing-which was a skirt-how I got this is beyond me.

2. What's a favorite 'green space' in the town, state, or province where you live?
Don't have a 'green space' in our little town.  A few miles down the road, there is a beautiful 'green space'-lovely place to just sit and relax on a blanket.

3. Do you wish you were taller, shorter, or think you're just about right in the height department?
Just a little taller.
4. What's the surest way for someone to pick a fight with you?
When I hear someone demeanor a child-calling that child stupid or lately I heard someone say to a child -not even a school aged child-I will bust your mouth if you don't stop.  What has really gotten into our younger parenting generation-no patience and it all about them-not the child.
5. Broccoli-Spinach-String Beans-Peas...of the four, your favorite green veg? (Or the one you dislike the least if that first option's too hard. I just know there's some veggie haters out there.)
I like them all, so I would have to pick my least favorite-Spinach. But I probably need to be eating more spinach so I could get some muscles because both daughters reminded me it will be moving time again. #2 Daughter graduates in May-and #1 Daughter will begin her rotations in June.  I need some very strong muscles to move them out of the apartments! Since hub has had chemo treatment, he still hasn't gained his strength back-so any volunteers???
6. March is National Women's History Month...besides friends, neighbors and the women you're related to, who's a woman in history you admire and why?
Since, I can't choose my grandmother-who was a wonderful woman, I would have to choose Mother Teresa.  Personally, I feel she did so much for all.
7. Keep Calm and ____________on.
Keep Calm and Move on.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Only three more weeks until we have spring break. Yippeeeeeeee!


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